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From the Desk of Carrier Relations: Payment Review

Happy to be guest blog posting into 2013, the Carrier Relations Department would like to offer our carriers a review of UWT’s Payment methods and terms. Did you know, UWT has some of the […]

How to Calibrate a Pulp Thermometer

A mandatory tool for all drivers in the produce transportation industry. Pocket pulp thermometers come in varied price ranges and models, from the basic probe & dial, to digital, to infrared. Whatever model type […]

January – is it your Gymuary?

January is typically the month when we all start considering our health and making New Year’s Resolutions to live a better lifestyle. Improving diet, hitting the gym, and quitting smoking are the most common […]

2012, A Year in Review – Part 3

Welcome to the last installment in our series on the 2012 Year in Review. For our third and final part to the series, we will look at the UWT topics that made headlines in […]

2012, A Year In Review – Part 2

Continuing on our series from last week, we look at part 2 of the 2012 Year in Review which focuses on the key Regulatory topics that made headlines this past year.

HOS (Hours of Service). […]

2012, A Year In Review – Part 1

2013 is upon us, and it is sure to be another productive and busy year in the refrigerated transportation industry. This 1st installment of our three part series that discusses the market events that […]