We are now well into what is a typically busy time of year for many of us. And, it seems the busier we get, the more we rely on technology; to inform, update, and connect us. One of our most recent studies revealed that approximately 72% of drivers surveyed are smartphone equipped. iPhone and Android devices are more affordable and accessible than ever, and the app market is growing at an impressive rate. So, here’s a look at the top 5 most useful smartphone apps for drivers, all free and available for download through the iPhone App Store or Android Market:

  1. TRANSFLO Now! – This is a first class scanning application that speeds up document deliveries. Drivers have the option of using TRANSFLO Now! Mobile app to send their papers to UWT for free.  The app virtually turns your mobile phone into a portable scanner so that you can send your paperwork – load confirmations, bills of lading, invoices, receipts, and any other paper documents – to UWT from anywhere, without having to rely on finding a truckstop, a fax machine, or even a TRANSLFO Express location. Check out our blog for more info.
  2. My DAT Trucker Services – this robust app locates nearby truck stops, diesel prices, Wal-Mart parking lots (some that offer overnight parking), rest areas, and more. See their website for more details.
  3. MyPilot by Pilot Flying J or TruckSmart by TA TravelCenters – Apps for the 2 most numerous truckstop networks in the nation. Both these apps show available fueling locations along your route, full and quick-serve restaurants, and maintenance services, to name a few.
  4. Department Of Transportation sites – The WSDOT has an app that includes statewide traffic cameras, higher priority travel alerts, mountain pass reports, and northbound CAD border wait times. Other notable sites include Drive BC: the British Columbia traveler information system has a mobile version of their site that provides road conditions and events and access to BC highways cams. The Oregon DOT also has TripCheck Mobile; like Drive BC, it is not an app, but can still be accessed from any smartphone. It provides information on incidents, road conditions, and access to highway and mountain pass cameras.
  5. CAT Scale Locator – Access CAT Scale locations from anywhere. You can easily search and save locations based on your current GPS location, or do a custom search.

Smartphones also allow us all to stay connected with family, friends and even business partners while we are on the road. Remember UWT has Facebook and Twitter profiles, so connect with us today to stay up to date with what is going on from a market, regulatory, and company perspective!

Also remember to use your mobile phone and these apps only when you are NOT driving. Texting, browsing the internet, and using apps while driving are all huge distractions that greatly increase your potential for accidents!!!! It is also illegal!

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