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Top 5 Trucking Industry Links


The internet has a surplus of websites for the trucking industry; sometimes too many options and information is not a good thing, especially when you want the information quickly and want to know that it comes from a reputable source. So, we have compiled a top 5 list this week that includes some of our go-to sites. Most of the sites we visit relate to market news and product movement, industry regulations, fuel pricing, and border/weather/road advisories.

  1. USDA Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report – this is a weekly report provided by the USDA that provides truck rate information – the first page gives a great snapshot of truck availability for the week on active districts and regions. The rates that are quoted on the following pages represent open market rates paid by shippers/receivers (not including surcharges, additional charges etc.). it’s a great resource to see activity and market pricing in all major growing areas and receiving markets.
  2. FMCSA Hours of Service Section – this is a great rundown of the Hours of Service Regulation. We frequent this site regularly to answer drivers questions and make sure we are fully educated on the Hours of Service Regulations. The regulations can be quite confusing and complicated, and the Logbook Examples that are provided on this site are a great resource.
  3. EIA Gasoline and Fuel Update – this site gives you a weekly update on the U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices (second table down on the page). It reports on all major regions in the States, and provides historical information. For example, West Coast diesel prices this week are sitting at $4.010/gallon, up $0.004/gallon over last week.
  4. Overdrive’s Trucker Tools – need to know where the lowest price for fuel is along your route? This recommendation is actually for a mobile application that is available for download on either iPhone or Android devices. One of the best features this app has to offer is the routing and fuel optimizer section, which will let you input your route, and find locations with the cheapest fuel along the way.
  5. National Traffic and Road Closure Information – this site is run for the USDOT Federal Highway Administration, and will give you state by state Weather/Road Conditions. It’s a useful resource to check before you start your trip, and while you are out on the road, so that you can plan for delays ahead of time so that they do not affect your schedule, or advise your dispatch/broker of any potential upcoming road conditions. The Washington Section provides links to construction reports, mountain pass info (a must to check in the winter months!!), road weather information, and much more. Know before you go!

There are many other useful sites that we visit on a daily basis to help us forecast our days and weeks. Stay tuned for more to come! And let us know: what are your go-to sites?

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