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    How to Find the Best Public Radio Stations for Your Long Drives


Long haul truck drivers have a lot of
time on the open road. All that time
can get pretty dull without some good noise.

Most truckers have likely listened to
their favorite albums at least a
million times. That’s […]

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    Can Truckers Do Anything to Minimize Detention Time and Get Back on the Road?


Unfortunately, truck detention is a
common and almost unavoidable occurrence. Not only is it irritating, but
detention wastes precious time and money.

Not only that, but it can delay other
pickups and deliveries, essentially ruining any scheduling and […]

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    5 Best Truck Parking Apps to Make Your Life on the Road Easier


Right now, there’s a shortage of truck
parking spaces. You’ve likely had to deal with this problem as you search for
an empty space to park up for the night.

Searching for safe parking can ruin
efficiency, burn […]

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    How to Quickly (And Easily) Land Your First Truck Driving Job


You’ve just gotten your CDL, and you’re
eager to start driving, but to do that, you’ll need to land your first job. As daunting as this task might
seem, it’s a lot easier than you might […]

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    Can You Reach 11 MPG in Your Truck? 5 Tips to Help You Get There


Nationwide, class 7 and 8 trucks get on
average about 6 miles to the gallon.
Now, what if we told you that you might be able to push that number up to 11.

You might be thinking, […]

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    How Much Did the Covid Pandemic Affect the Global Food Supply Chain?


The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world to
its very foundation. No more was the
shock felt than in the global food supply chain, which was heavily disrupted at
the start of the pandemic.

However, despite the amassing problems,
the […]


One of the most common accidents that truck drivers face is a rear-end crash. After all, rear-end crashes account for about one-third of all accidents.

Let’s face it, an accident behind the wheel of your […]

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    5 Ways Trucking Management Software Can Help Owner-Operators Save Money


Owner-operators have a lot to take care of—finding freight, day-to-day responsibilities,
tracking expenses, delivering invoices, and even driving a truck themselves. It
can be overwhelming, to say the least.

However, investing in trucking management
software is designed to […]

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    Smart Monitors vs. Traditional Mirrors – What’s Better for Truckers?


One thing that every trucker knows how to
do is use their mirrors. Mirrors are
crucial for safety, and every trucker needs to be an expert at using them.

However, technology is constantly
changing the way truckers are […]

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    7 Reasons Why All Owner Operators Should Track Their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


One of the key ways owner-operators
thrive is by setting and achieving goals. However, sometimes it’s difficult to
tell if you’re reaching specific goals.

That’s where key performance indicators
(KPIs) come in. A KPI is a way to […]