Driver app companies, such as 99 and Samsara, have developed a facial recognition tool that has its purpose to increase even more the safety of the driving experience. The 99 system, developed by engineers and programmers in three countries – Brazil, USA and China – automatically identifies the face of all drivers before they even connect to the app.

Furthermore, the technology will be applied periodically in every driver registered in the app, including those who already passed by an identity check. 99 performs the procedure through a partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles of each region they are performing, where the collected image in the facial reader is automatically validated with the saved photo in the data bank.

Facial Recognition and AI

Many facial recognition programs also perform along with artificial intelligence (AI), and can identify the driver use patterns and request additional checking, if necessary. The company informs that random verifications will also be performed.

Besides bringing more safety for not just the driver but also all other people on the road, applying one more confirmation step also has the goal to protect the driver’s identity. The safety of everyone on the road is the main priority. Facial recognition now joins to several tools of protection of the users, such as dash cameras and vehicle emergency buttons.

How Facial Recognition Works:

  • Periodically, the app asks the drivers to do a facial recognition, anytime of the day;
  • The drivers should put their faces in the circle and wait a few seconds while the verification is performed;
  • In case it is approved, the driver can normally drive. If not, they will be able to request a review from the app.

And, inside the vehicle, with the aid of a camera and biometric sensors, artificial intelligence monitors the driver behavior and modify the configuration of the cabin, such as heat, light and media. AI recognition systems can go as far as detecting if the driver is bored and play their podcast or favorite song automatically. And if the driver is starting to fall asleep while driving, AI will decrease the vehicle temperature to make sure someone is aware.

Facial Recognition and AI Is About Allowing Time

So, with time, the technology will be able to learn personal preferences of the user and request personalized responses when necessary. It’s a big leap in technology for the trucking industry, and one that must be fully studied and then slowly adopted so that all drivers have a full understanding of the impacts of AI.

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