Long haul truck drivers have a lot of time on the open road. All that time can get pretty dull without some good noise.

Most truckers have likely listened to their favorite albums at least a million times. That’s why public radio is so important for truckers.

However, finding those public radio stations can often be a pain. After all, it’s estimated that truckers spend 11 minutes every hour fiddling with the radio.

Luckily, there’s a better way to find the right radio stations. Continue reading below to find out how to find the best public radio stations.

Why Find Public Radio Stations?

If you’re new to trucking, you might be wondering, what’s the point of listening to public radio stations?

Truckers listen to these stations because it’s something to listen to and can keep you going. When driving long hauls, it can be challenging to listen to the same music over and over again.

Public radio often has diverse topics and programs that are better than silence.

Another reason is that radio is your only friend in many isolated parts of a long drive. If you think you can stream music or programs over the internet, then you will be disappointed.

Of course, you can invest in satellite radio. However, satellite radio requires a receiver and a yearly subscription.

Not every trucker wants to invest the money into satellite radio when public radio can do the job just fine.

Pre-Program Your Favorite Stations

If you’re driving the same route often, you can find public radio stations the old-fashioned way. On your drive, you can scan the radio for public radio stations until you land on those that suit you.

Save it as a favorite and continue to repeat this process as you drive your route. Then, once you have your favorite stations, you can simply flip to them along your way.

Plan Beforehand

If you run into a radio station that you like during your drive, get the name of the program before the station cuts out. Once you know the name, you can see where the program has stations along your route.

For example, Red Eye Radio is a nightly program that’s aimed at long-haul truckers. The program is broadcast from many stations across the USA.

If you know your route, then you can keep track of the stations along your drive. That way, you can tune in to the program whenever you want.

Use NPR Station Finder

NPR radio is one of the most popular options for long-haul truckers. That’s because NPR is broadcast all over the country.

Often, you’ll find an NPR broadcast when scanning the radio. However, you can make it easier by using NPR’s many broadcast finding tools.

These tools allow you to find NPR no matter where you are. This means that you can listen to the best public radio broadcasts all over the country without interruption.

Keep Listening

Using a combination of these methods will allow you to find and listen to the best public radio stations for your long drives. Before you know it, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from as you truck across the USA.

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