Efficiencies To Suit Your Needs


Our intermodal (or rail plus truck) program will give you access to all aspects of perishables logistics: from inventory control, forward distribution, and more.

Rapidly growing in popularity, this door-to-door service creates efficiencies in your business by providing more equipment options and greener transport, and often for a lower price than truck transportation. In certain lanes, intermodal also gives you the most effective combination of rates, transit times, and mode – all structured to meet your exact specifications.

Intermodal service offerings that provide improved productivity, cost savings and peace of mind:

Cost Savings

More cost effective than over the road trucking, intermodal gives you the ability to save on your freight costs over using trucks alone! Minimize budget fluctuations by providing competitive and consistent pricing.

Expand your customer base

Gain added flexibility to move product more efficiently from rail facility to truck.

Supplement your truck capacity

Access additional capacity by expanding your equipment options.

Advanced equipment and load tracking

With 24/7 monitoring through GPS and the ability to remotely adjust temperature.

Commodity care and knowledge

Mixed commodities are stored and shipped in optimal commodity segregated zones.

Daily intermodal updates

Single point of contact and our ability to easily convert shipments between truck and rail and provide updates each morning showing status of all shipments from “dispatched” to “delivered”, so you are aware of where your loads are and what you will have available to sell on what day.

Nationwide rail infrastructure

Speed your goods to market with coast to coast temperature-controlled rail transport. You will have access to the largest networks of temperature-controlled TL system in North America with impressive weekly rail schedules to multiple destinations.

Exceptional Security

Stringent security measures to safeguard your goods throughout the supply chain.

Non-stop rail service in sealed refrigerated containers

Public rail stops multiple times to add or remove containers. This often subjects your fragile items to prolonged weather extremes, shifting and damage. For the rail portion of our intermodal offering, the networks we use operate non-stop, coast to coast; this means no moving of product and fewer delays. Interior temperatures are also monitored regularly for your peace of mind.

Environment advantages

Intermodal’s carbon footprint is a fraction of that of long-haul trucks, and is free from many of the regulatory mandates placed on trucks.

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