Trucking is a lucrative yet oftentimes lonely profession.

Mile after mile, nothing sounds better than a companion that’s ready to go along for the ride by your side. In this case, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of having a pet in the truck as you criss-cross the country.
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The Pros of Having a Pet in the Truck

First, let’s discuss the pros of bringing your pet in your truck.

When we say pet — we mean dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, or any other domesticated animal. As you reach a truck stop, you’ll be surprised by the wide variety of pets that truckers bring along.

Pets are Scientifically Proven to Reduce Stress

Whether your pet is a dog or a lizard — it’s scientifically proven that pets reduce stress.

As a trucker, you understand the high-stress levels that driving long hours on the highway produces. From erratic drivers to tight deadlines, trucking isn’t for the faint of heart.

In any case, having a pet in the cab can reduce your heart rate and increase happiness. As such, pets are the perfect option to provide mental relief during hard moments on the road.

Pets Make You a Safer Driver

It’s likely that you won’t take a rest stop when driving solo.

However, having a pet in the cab forces you to take more frequent stops. Although it doesn’t sound like you’ll save time, it does save energy.

Whether your pet requires a bathroom or food break, you’ll be less fatigued because you’re unlikely to power through the drive without making any necessary stops.

An additional bonus is that extra pit stops mean more exercise — resulting in a healthier you!

Pets Give You an Ear While on the Road

As the hours pass on the road, communication becomes vital to your overall health.

You can talk your pet’s ears off until the early morning hours by having a pet in the truck. Not only will your pet not complain, but you’ll also feel happier over the long haul.

Pets are an Early Warning Sign

Although we don’t want to think about negative things, they happen while on the road.

From thieves to unwanted solicitors, your pet can be an early warning sign to get your attention. Burglars pose a serious risk, making a pet practically necessary in some cases.

As such, having a pet on high alert during pit stops is an excellent way to protect yourself and precious cargo.

The Cons of Having a Pet in the Truck

Although there are countless reasons to have a pet in the truck — there are a few cons associated with it as well.

Pets (Depending on Species) Shed Hair

Although this isn’t a con if you’re trucking with a lizard or bird — it is if your pet is a cat or dog.

Cats and dogs shed hair — especially during the summer months. Therefore, you’re going to frequently clean after your pet’s hair.

However, many handheld cleaning tools make cleaning hair a breeze.

Pets May Not Be Allowed on a Customer’s Premises

Although uncommon, some customers may not allow pets on their property.

Whether it’s due to allergies or not, you may need to find pet accommodation in a pinch if you realize that a customer doesn’t allow pets. In any case, you should always discuss this issue with dispatch.
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