Nowadays, due to the dynamic conditions in the freight industry, a logistic partnership is essentially mandatory. For instance, refrigeration retailer may need frequent orders, which vary in size. Whereas consumers, demand packaged or refrigerated goods. Thus, it’s now necessary to take advantages of the technologies available through a mutually beneficial logistics partnership. So, in this blog, we will be looking at the three key things that shippers want in a logistics partnership.

One: Long-term partnerships

The first aspect that shipper will be looking for from a beneficial logistics partnership is long term relationships. In reality, when it comes to logistics partnership, this is a requirement across all industries. Although business is business, and it can often be a sink or swim industry, finding a long term partnership is advantageous in the short, interim and long term. Why? Well, to see growth for both parties, having a solid understanding is key.

Moreover, a solid understanding is only gained by creating a collaborative, mutually beneficial partnership. So, in essence, most shipping companies look for co-operation, collaboration, and rapport with the logistics provider. Besides, receiving a high-quality and effective solution, long-term logistic partnerships can arguably contribute to a shipping company’s long term success.

Thus, when it comes to finding the “best” logistics provider, it’s generally the company that is interested in your needs, rather than delivering for a fee. Overall, many shippers will be looking for a logistics company that asks something like “These are my needs, how can we find a solution?” Likewise, a shipping company should understand that this logistic partnership will only work when both parties strive to understand the entire scope of the project, short and long term.

Two: Understand my Industry

This point follows on nicely, from the previous point. A logistic partnership with a shipping company is more likely to thrive when the provider understands the industry. Thus, the second part of this point is honesty. The last thing any company, not just shipping, is being over-promised.

Moreover, most companies are willing to build on a relationship, even if you only learn the basics. However, if a logistics provider claims that they can do “X, Y, and Z” and they can only actually provide “Z” – it isn’t going to be beneficial for any parties. Thus, “understanding my industry” and more importantly, “understanding my shipping company” is essential to ensure growth, success, and collaboration.

Three: Innovative Solutions

We’re sure that the term ‘innovation’ is something that you hear a lot when it comes to digital technology. Now, as overused as it may seem, the third thing shippers will be looking for is innovative solutions. Since the reason for a logistics partner is to find a solution to a particular issue or an area which needs improvement. However, to refer to point two, be honest about the actual scope of the “unique, innovative solution.”

As mentioned, shippers generally want a long-term, collaborative partnership, rather than a “flash in the pan,” short term fix. Innovative solutions can come in various forms, from services, processes, people, and technology. Besides, innovative solutions are beneficial for the shippers and the logistics provider, as they can both experience growth and continuous development to more efficient services.

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