As it stands, the trucking industry is responsible for about 28 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. If the US wants to reach its climate goals, the trucking industry will need a big change.

However, we all know that the trucking industry runs on diesel and other fossil fuels. With pressure from all sides, how will the industry handle the switch to renewables?

Continue reading below to find out how renewables will likely take over the trucking industry.

Big Oil Investments

No matter how you see climate change, it’s a big deal in our modern world. Even if you don’t believe that it can cause worldwide catastrophe, renewables can reduce pollution and create a better and healthier environment.

It may come as a surprise to many that oil giants like Chevron and ExxonMobil are investing billions into renewables. However, their efforts are focused more on squeezing efficiency out of fossil fuels.

For example, Shell has created a concept class 8 truck with an aerodynamic outer shell and includes solar panels on top. The truck still runs on gas but gets much better miles to the gallon.

Chevron has invested $1 billion in carbon capture technology which is a biotechnological process to capture CO2 in the atmosphere.

Real Renewable Change

Although big oil is investing in renewables, their efforts are being overshadowed by large tech companies. The most promising of them all so far is Tesla’s Semi, which is due to hit the road soon.

Not far behind is Nikola Corporation and Amazon Inc—which is heavily invested in Rivian, an electric car startup. These giant companies are all vying to dominate the coming electric semi market.

However, electric vehicles are not the only renewable option. Renewable natural gas is another excellent low-carbon technology that will likely become more significant in the years to come.

The advantage of renewable natural gas is that it is a viable option for smaller commercial fleets. Electric semis will likely be only for the largest and wealthiest companies for a long time.

However, there are thousands of natural gas heavy-duty vehicles already in use in the USA.

Renewable Infrastructure

It seems like the biggest hurdle facing renewables in the trucking industry is infrastructure. As it is, diesel fuel is available on just about every corner.

Depending on where you are in the United States, it can be hard to come across an electric charging station. One of the main drawbacks of electric vehicles is that the infrastructure isn’t fully built up.

Only 15% of the electric charging stations in the US are equipped to deliver power quickly. However, natural gas stations are already quite widespread, although not as much as diesel.

It would only take a little more effort to build up natural gas stations and supply them with renewable natural gas.

Can the Trucking Industry Handle the Switch to Renewables?

Likely, the switch to renewables is an inevitability. However, the process isn’t going to happen overnight.

Diesel trucks and fuels will likely get more and more efficient in the coming years. At the same time, electric trucks and natural gas trucks will become adopted more and more.

Likely the switch will be a long slow process as raw fossil fuels get phased out. Probably the industry will handle the switch with no problem as green tech becomes more affordable and convenient to use.

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