Contract Carriers

You need a partner who is dedicated to working with you, and that understands your business and the trucking industry’s dynamics. Working with UWT gives you that partner, and on top of that, one who will perform all the sales functions for your business. We specialize in matching carrier equipment with the right load at the right price. Our objective is to minimize your downtime of waiting or looking for loads and keep you doing what you do best: transporting goods.



You will have access to new markets, more freight and variety of loads through leveraging our sales personnel, financial capability, IT resources that manage customers’ electronic TMS systems, and customer required EDI integration.


Realize an increase in cash flow. We provide driver-focused fuel advances and short payment terms; invoices can be settled via check or wire transfer with various terms offered. Advances can be arranged using Comdata. We pay when we say we are going to pay. We understand that cash flow is critical to business. Please refer to our Carrier Payment Terms for more detailed information. We also offer short term financing for special cases in order to support our carrier partners. All of these factors put you at an advantage over dealing direct, where payment terms are often 30-60 days. The result is more money in your pocket.

Partnering with us will also reduce your operating expenses through reducing costs such as cell phone usage and fax transmissions. Our text message and TRANSFLO document processing programs offer low and no costs solutions that keep more of your money in your pocket.

Another key aspect of our relationship with carriers is claim mitigation. We work on behalf of our carriers in order to mitigate losses. Read more here.


Building and sharing our knowledge supports your success. We provide detailed product knowledge expertise for correct product handling under various conditions.  You can download our informative Carrier Loading Guidelines and Product Temperature Guidelines in our carrier forms here. We also provide time and resources for troubleshooting loads (accessing services, paying for services, rescheduling of pickups and/or deliveries, etc.). And, we effectively monitor market conditions and regulations within the trucking sector to keep everyone informed.

Leave the scheduling of pickups, deliveries, and cross-checking shipment information (product description, case/pallet count, weight, other loading requirements, etc.) to us. This increases your productivity by conserving your on duty hours for driving.



Are you ready to get started? United World Transportation is constantly looking for new qualified Carrier partners to develop into a mutually beneficial long term relationship. We understand the special relationship between a Carrier and a transportation provider, and are able to assist our Carrier partners with dispatch, administration, and finance.

If you are interested in becoming a Carrier for United World Transportation, please ensure compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules, regulations, registration, and licensing.

Please follow these steps below:

  1. Download the Carrier Profile PDF.
  2. Download our Broker-Carrier Agreement PDF and sign on the last page.
  3. Send these completed forms along with a copy of your Insurance Certificate and MC Number to “Attention: Carrier Relations” at (604) 986-7401, toll free (866) 986-7401, or email .

A Carrier Relations Representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm that your account has been set up.