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    The Impact of Real-Time Coaching Apps On The Trucking Industry


Every fleet manager wants to ensure that
their trucks are running as efficiently
as possible. However, differences in fuel economy will emerge between two
similar trucks driving the same route in the same conditions.

So the variable here […]


When it comes to maintenance, most
truckers are concerned with brakes and tires, so long as their engine is humming along.

However, keeping up with your truck’s
engine will save you time, money, and a lot of […]


Everyone seems certain that the future of
trucking will be autonomous. Big
trucking companies are betting that AI technology will be able to operate
trucks more productively than ever before.

So, what does that mean for classic,
human-operated fleets—will […]


The controversial topic of truck speed
limiters has been raging for decades.
Now, the issue is coming back up again because of new legislation called the Cullum Owings Large Truck Safe Operating Speed Act.

If you’re unfamiliar […]

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    The Easy Check-In Feature on the UWT Carrier App is Now LIVE


Carriers are constantly in motion.

From picking up loads to dropping off
loads and everything in between, carriers are left with little downtime. With
so many things to do — it’s no wonder why some carriers miss […]

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    The Repair and Maintenance of Electric Trucks Compared to Diesel Engines


Repairs and maintenance are a fact of
life when it comes to the trucking industry. You’re likely all too familiar
with problems that can happen with diesel engines.

However, it looks like electric trucks
will be the trucks […]

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    The Pros and Cons of Low Rolling Resistance Truck Tires – Are They Right for You?


If there’s one thing that every trucker
wants, it’s better fuel efficiency.
One of the ways to get better fuel efficiency is through the use of low rolling
resistance (LRR) truck tires.

However, nothing is without its
tradeoffs, and […]

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    How Will Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Impact Trucking and Freight Industries?


On March 31st, President Joe Biden
unveiled plans for a colossal
spending bill known as the American Jobs Plan. Most people know this plan as
the infrastructure bill/plan.

Basically, this plan will invest trillions of dollars into
infrastructures like […]

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    How to Find the Best Public Radio Stations for Your Long Drives


Long haul truck drivers have a lot of
time on the open road. All that time
can get pretty dull without some good noise.

Most truckers have likely listened to
their favorite albums at least a
million times. That’s […]

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    Can Truckers Do Anything to Minimize Detention Time and Get Back on the Road?


Unfortunately, truck detention is a
common and almost unavoidable occurrence. Not only is it irritating, but
detention wastes precious time and money.

Not only that, but it can delay other
pickups and deliveries, essentially ruining any scheduling and […]