COVID-19 has
taken over all our lives, and during this pandemic, refrigerated truck drivers
are providing the essential service of delivery food to grocery stores. It’s
been a busy time, and we have all drivers on our […]


As we manage the
uncertainty that the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) is causing in nearly all
areas of our lives, the globe is facing unprecedented challenges. The spread of
the virus has already had an impact on the […]

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    Do You Know the 3 Biggest Challenges Shippers Have to Face in The Logistics Industry?


Shippers face a plethora of problems in the
logistics industry, but some challenges are more prevalent and common than
others. Here we go over 3 of the most common challenges that shippers are
facing in the logistics […]


The US driver shortage is a hot topic, with experts citing
that the shortage will double in the next 10 years as more drivers retire. The
American Trucking Association predicts that 160,000 driver positions will be
unfilled. […]

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    Spotlight On: Mexican Produce. The Demand, Supplies, and Transitions you Need to Know


Mexico’s agricultural industry is an important sector for the
country’s economy, and produce exports are of course critical. Mexico is the
primary source of produce when local US and Canadian markets are dormant, with main
exports being […]

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    How to Create Predictable Service Schedules for Over the Road Transportation


According to Pro*Act’s The Source,
California and Arizona trucks are plentiful and should be that way for the near
future, and Washington’s truck supply is steady. An important question that
carriers should be asking themselves when the […]


Did you know that driver fatigue and tiredness causes 13% of all large truck crashes? Not only is driving when you’re tired
dangerous (especially in a huge truck) but it will inevitably start to negatively […]


Every day, brokers receive hundreds of documents, and they
come from various sources. As drivers know, one of the primary sources of
documents is from their mobile phones. Smartphones offer drivers more flexibility
with sending documents than […]

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    Business 101 – Our Top Tips to Increase your Operational Efficiency


Owner operators and leased contractors who are well-versed
in business practices stand a better chance at being more productive and having
a better bottom line than those who aren’t. This week, we are reviewing the most
critical […]

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    Canadian ELDs: What to Know & What It Means for Cross-Border Carriers


Canada’s full implementation of an Electronic Logging Device
regulation for all Canadian motor carriers is slotted for June 12, 2021. While
that is over a year away, there is a 2-year phase in period for ELD […]