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    Are You Getting Paid Enough? A Truck Driver’s Salary Guide


A career in truck driving has many benefits: no extensive
post-secondary education required, a short training time, a good supply of
jobs, and the potential for lucrative pay are key benefits that draw people to
the industry. […]

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    How Much Does Produce Seasonality Affect Your Rates & Capacity?


The spring and summer months mean produce is in season for various
regions of Canada and the United States. Starting in late March, the produce wave moves to the southeastern
states, southern Texas and the Rio […]


Melon season is in full swing. Reports show
steady markets for cantaloupes, honeydews and watermelons. For cantaloupes,
quality is good and shipments are coming out of Mendota, CA, Firebaugh, CA and
Maricopa, AZ. For honeydews, quality is […]

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    Sanitary Food Transportation Act – What it is, What it Costs, and Best Practices


The Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA) is one of 7 foundational rules outlined by the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) since January 2013 to create a modern, risk-based
framework for food safety. These rules fall […]

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    3 Problems New Truck Drivers Face When Searching for Truck Insurance


Finding the right commercial truck insurance can be a
difficult process. Recently, insurance has become much more difficult to obtain,
due to many providers adjusting their terms. In addition, rising premium rates
have cause many insurance carriers […]


Being a
professional truck driver comes with a stigma: that truck driving is not a wise
or good long-term career choice. Long hours, weeks away from home, financial stresses,
regulatory worries and the threat of automation are […]


Perishable goods — such as food, beverages and certain pharmaceuticals — can’t be treated the same way other products are. It’s simply not possible to load these items into a container and ship them […]

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    The 9 Things You Need if You Want to Become An Owner Operator


Deciding to become an owner operator in the trucking
industry can be a tough choice. There are many pros to going out on your own; having
the freedom to make your own schedule and the benefits […]

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    Risk Factors and Loss Prevention for Refrigerated Cherry Transport


Pacific Northwest cherry season is set to begin with harvesting happening
mid-June. The 2018 Northwest cherry crop
totaled about 25.6 million boxes, and industry experts are predicting a crop of
approximately 20 million boxes for 2019, with […]

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    Depression in Truck Drivers: 5 Common Causes & How to Spot the Signs


Today’s world is making great strides to reduce or eliminate
the stigma that is associated with mental illness, including depression. According
to the National Sleep Foundation, feeling sad every now and then is a
fundamental part of […]