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    Owner Operator vs. Fleet Driver: Which One is Right for You?


The American Trucking Association projects that trucking freight
will have volume growth of 3.4% for 2018-2023. If you are thinking of a
trucking career and how best to keep pace with this growth, we have some
insights […]


We are more than halfway through the year, and many are
eagerly looking forward to what 2020 will have in store for the refrigerated
trucking industry. So, what can we expect? Factors that will have a […]


Being involved in a vehicle crash is a stressful experience.
Whatever the circumstances, it is key to keep a level head. There are some
steps that you must follow to ensure that all relevant information is […]


Apart from your home, your truck is probably the single most
expensive asset you will purchase. When you are buying such a big-ticket item,
it’s always a good idea to have some knowledge. Finding the best […]

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    Get Your Brake Hoses and Tubing Ready for 2019’s Brake Safety Week


Are you prepared for the upcoming Brake Safety Week? If not, don’t
worry – we’ve got all you need to know in this post! The Commercial Vehicle
Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake
Safety Week is scheduled for September […]

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    6 Ways to Celebrate This Year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is this
September 8-14th! Across the nation, many take time to honor the
drivers who do one of the most demanding jobs out there. In fact, it’s more
than a job, […]

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    Should You File a Truck Insurance Claim or Pay for the Damage from Your Pocket for A Minor Collision?


Insurance providers often tell their clients to report even the
most minor collision, but sometimes this might not be the best move. But, on
the other hand, if you hide an accident from your insurer by […]


According to industry experts, fuel purchases can account for
approximately 25% of a trucking company’s operating expenses. The average truck
driver travels around 68,000 miles per year and gets an average of 5.29 miles
per gallon, which […]

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    Are You Getting Paid Enough? A Truck Driver’s Salary Guide


A career in truck driving has many benefits: no extensive
post-secondary education required, a short training time, a good supply of
jobs, and the potential for lucrative pay are key benefits that draw people to
the industry. […]

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    How Much Does Produce Seasonality Affect Your Rates & Capacity?


The spring and summer months mean produce is in season for various
regions of Canada and the United States. Starting in late March, the produce wave moves to the southeastern
states, southern Texas and the Rio […]