Submit a Claim

UWT has one of the best claims reputations in the industry. We have developed a thorough set of procedures that start with processes to prevent cargo claims from occurring, including developing Carrier Loading Guidelines and Product Temperature Guideline brochures.

When cargo claims do occur, we administer them in a timely manner to ensure costs are mitigated for all parties. Working diligently with carriers, customers, insurance companies, claims adjusters, government personnel and any other involved parties has become one of our differentiating characteristics. We have a dedicated team that works daily to resolve claims, including but not limited to issues related to product quality, temperature, cargo theft, and rejections.

If you need to inform UWT of a cargo claim, please contact UWT immediately toll free at 866.986.7410 or email the .  A representative from our Claims Department will be in contact shortly after receiving the information in order to assist in collecting all the pertinent cargo claim materials.