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How to Calibrate a Pulp Thermometer: A Must Watch Video


When we held our first ever Driver Appreciation Day at TC Trans back in December, we took a few minutes with Vice President Chuck Schamel to shoot a short video on how to calibrate a traditional dial and probe pulp thermometer. Recall, from our post last year, the steps to calibrate a basic thermometer:

  • Tools needed: glass, ice water, pliers/wrench.
  • Place the thermometer is a glass of ice water.
  • The temperature of the glass of ice water should read 32F at any elevation (i.e., at whatever level you place the end of the probe in the glass).
  • If 32F is not the reading, the thermometer needs calibrating.
  • Hold the nut on the back of the thermometer face with pliers or a wrench.
  • With your fingers, slowly turn the face until it reads 32F; place it back in the glass to ensure it maintains that reading.

As a general rule, a pulp thermometer that reads 32F in ice water is fully calibrated. For digital thermometers, it is best for a driver to refer to the manufacturer’s directions for calibration.

Chuck has his mug of ice water and expertise ready to go! Watch our latest video below!


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