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Sales Speak: UWT Transitions, as told by Capacity Manager Wes Stein

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UWT Sales Department is back hosting another post! Today, Capacity Manager Wes Stein is  giving us some insight on what it was like to be a newcomer to the logistics industry, and a little background on his experiences in the CSR department and how they have allowed him to transition into his recent new role as a Capacity Manager for the Sales Team (congrats on moving in to your new role, Wes!)

When I started at United World Transportation as a CSR, I didn’t know the first thing about logistics. With having a customer service background in previous positions, I knew the importance of learning the business and this was the main priority. The training methods and skills that are taught in the early stages of development here at UWT allow new members of the team to ride the fast track to success.  This can be credited to the ESD sales process workshops and other developmental programs the managers have implemented.  The company has really encouraged a family-like atmosphere that’s also focused on efficient team working.

The transition into sales as a Capacity Manager wasn’t as difficult as I once expected. That’s not because the position isn’t complex or as challenging as a CSR’s, but because of great pre-training and teaching of some valuable skills. These skills would include the key areas of: communicating & building relationships with co-workers, carriers and customers; and having a proactive mindset in order to foresee and extinguish any issue that may arise. In a very time-sensitive industry such as this one, decisions have to be made in an instant. I feel we’re given the necessary tools to fully diagnose any situation and make an informed conclusion.

This past year United has taught me many things about the industry and myself. The company attempts to set carriers up for success from the first load on and I feel they do the same for the employees within the system. Equal opportunity and the ability of advancement is another reason why I’ve enjoyed my time here at UWT.

If you would like to hear more about our carrier program and how we can set you up for success, give me a call at ext. 160, or email me at today!

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