Our Team Mission & Guiding Principles

United World Transportation WordleOur Mission at United World Transportation is to deliver improved productivity, cost savings and peace of mind to our customers and carriers by effectively communicating and proactively applying our knowledge and resourcefulness.

Our Guiding Principles – The fuel that drives the road ahead:

1: To listen to our customers and carriers and provide the best solutions and programs that meet current and future needs

  • We apply our policies and procedures consistently, while being flexible when the situation calls for it
  • We are resourceful and go above and beyond to ensure customer and carrier satisfaction

2: To be effective communicators, by regularly sharing critical information to the right people at the right time, in the right way

  • We don’t make assumptions and constantly clarify details to ensure we have the right information.
  • We choose our words carefully to ensure we are thoughtful and clearly communicate our message.

3: To be accountable by being honest and accurate in the information we share and by delivering on our promises

  • We pay attention to the details and follow up until we have fully delivered what we committed.
  • We admit when we have made a mistake and immediately work towards resolving the issue.
  • We are honest about what we don’t know and ask questions until we (or those we do business with) have the information necessary to move forward.

4: To build and share our knowledge (i.e. product/equipment information, regulations, etc) with customers and carriers, pro-actively and on an ongoing basis, to support their success

  • We take the time to get to know others so that we can better understand their needs, including what information would help them to be successful
  • We constantly source new information and develop materials, to share with the team, customers and carriers

5: To work as a team to ensure all of our services are integrated and effective for our customers and carriers

  • We are all leaders – we lead by being positive examples.
  • We support each other to reach individual and common goals.
  • We collaborate to ensure we understand the impact of our decisions, including how they affect the work of others.

6: To be socially responsible, by supporting important causes in our own community as well as critical initiatives to customers and carriers

  • We grow as a team by helping others.
  • We set ourselves apart, by contributing to a better future.

7: To foster a dynamic work environment that encourages diversity, respect, growth, and fun

  • We recognize and celebrate achievements of individuals and teams.
  • We value the contribution of each person by promoting equality and being open to differences, including differing opinions and beliefs.
  • We are continuously learning and improving ourselves and our processes.