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Retail Visits Featuring Market Updates on Apples, Bananas, & Grapes

back to school

The marketing department ventured out on our monthly retail tour this week, and wow, was it ever busy out there! Numerous families out and about stocking up on back to school supplies, and it was very busy in the produce departments as well! Here’s what’s happening with some of the school lunchtime favorites:

Apples – Washington is expecting a bumper crop this year! Harvest has already begun on some farms in the area and the crop is expected to be the second largest on record, at 4.8 billion pounds. So, there will be lots to go around in lunches – whole or sliced and dipped in peanut butter top our favorite ways to enjoy!

Bananas – As always, making their mark from South America; bananas are a significant source of export income for Ecuador and Guatemala. Portable, affordable, and easy to eat make it the sure winner for most popular item in the produce department.

Grapes – Product from Mexico finished last month, and all stores are now carrying red and green seedless varieties from California, specifically from the Kern and San Joaquin Valley Districts. They seem to be in great supply in all the stores visited, and make a great snack for packed lunches!


Have a great, safe and fun Labor Day long weekend, and don’t forget to add some fruit to those first pack lunches of the school year!

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