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    How Much Does Produce Seasonality Affect Your Rates & Capacity?

How Much Does Produce Seasonality Affect Your Rates & Capacity?

The spring and summer months mean produce is in season for various
regions of Canada and the United States. Starting in late March, the produce wave moves to the southeastern
states, southern Texas and the Rio […]

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Refrigerated Trailers – Part 2: Temperature Settings

Operating in the produce transportation industry means that we must have expert knowledge in refrigerated trailer temperature settings, to ensure that product arriving at receivers is in optimal condition.

There are two types of refrigerated […]

It’s Survey Season; Let Us Know How We are Performing!

It’s the summer of surveys here at UWT! We are taking these summer months to collect some data from our Customer and Carrier partners on how we are performing.

For Customers, we have our How […]

What’s on your table? Market update and Easter Favorites

Easter is a time to reflect on renewal and to celebrate the spring harvest. It’s been a busy week for us, as holidays always add to another component to an already fast-paced industry. From […]

Sales Speak: Mexican Mangos: A Delicious and Tasty Business

UWT Sales Department is back hosting another post! Today, Capacity Manager Mary Hernandez is showcasing her product knowledge and loading expertise for mangos; just in time for the peak Mexico season! Read more on […]

Sales Speak: How Super Bowl XLVIII Triggers Avocado Sales

Another week with the UWT Sales Department!!!! This week, Account Manager Norman Bravo is showcasing both his love for football and his love for one of the commodities he coordinates shipments for every day, […]

Consumer Steps to Safer Fruits and Vegetables

With the holidays now over, many of us are choosing healthier groceries and meals than we were in December. So, that means increases in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. And, a key factor […]

We are on the Road to Fresh Summit!

UWT is en-route as we speak to New Orleans, LA! The Produce Marketing Association’s annual Fresh Summit will draw more than 18,000 attendees from over 60 countries. This makes it the largest gathering of […]

“The Pace of Business isn’t Evolving, it’s Exploding” – PMA Fresh Summit 2013

Say Hello to the Future – this is the focus of this year’s Fresh Summit. The trade show floor at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA will be open in […]

August Market Update

With some many intricacies in transportation, we often get overwhelmed with regulations, loading specifications, technology, supply chain planning, and of course, the financials of all of this. Most of our weekly posts center around […]

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