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Take Your Pick

Summer is finally here in the Lower Mainland! We have been waiting a long time for it, and this is what our forecast looks like:


So, we will be taking our favorite seasonal fruits and veggies on picnics and to the beach, and will be following some advice on how to pick the best of the best:


  • Cantaloupe – delicate aroma, a hint of yellow in the skin, thick texture and no stem.
  • Cherries – smooth, shiny surfaces with new looking stems.
  • Grapes – tender and plump, firmly attached to the stem. It’s ok for green grapes to be blushing.
  • Honeydew – delicate aroma and a creamy yellow rind with a soft, velvety texture.
  • Nectarines & peaches – firm and plump and white or yellow with blushing.
  • Watermelon – cream colored underside and symmetrical shape.


  • Carrots – bright orange and smooth & firm.
  • Green beans – long pods that are straight and firm; crispy is best.
  • Tomatoes – plump with a rich overall red color; a slight cushion and smooth surface.



Happy shopping!

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