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Happy Holidays!

2011: what a year!!! Many new faces and going new places, and we all can say that we have much to be grateful for during this eventful year in the refrigerated produce transportation industry, […]

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The Festivities Have Begun

Busy week here at UWC! Yesterday, we held our first annual gingerbread people decorating contest. There were 10 teams in total, and each person had their own gingerbread to decorate; then a vote was […]

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Safe Travels

Winter road conditions are in full effect, especially in the Pacific North West. Rain, sleet, black ice, slush, and snow are going to be regular road conditions for this winter season. As drivers know, […]

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Pulp Thermometers are Here!

The second shipment of UWC pulp temperature thermometers have arrived at TC Trans in Blaine, WA!

A pulp temperature thermometer is one of the most necessary items in a driver’s toolkit, along with a pen, […]

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The Way of the Smart

For a few years now, the California Environmental Protection Agency has been working on initiatives to reduce climate changing emissions from tractor-trailers and refrigerated trailer units. UWC has been closely monitoring all initiatives in […]

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