Our Purpose

Our Purpose at United World Transportation is to deliver peace of mind. 

Our Vision

Our Vision at United World Transportation is to radically alter the transportation industry because we are:

> A driven team dedicated to building trusted partnerships;

> Surpassing expectations by using a systematic approach to timely freight management

> Committed to establishing a dynamic transportation community.

Our Mission

bn_0007_Layer-1Our Mission at United World Transportation is to deliver improved productivity, cost savings and peace of mind to our customers and carriers by effectively communicating and proactively applying our knowledge and

Our Core Values

In order to achieve outstanding success UWT requires exceptional people. People are our biggest asset and we are committed to providing the right environment for people to excel. Our core values are Community, Character and Capability. Our goal is to create a safe and secure home where individuals have the opportunity to succeed.




Our strategically located office provides a safe and secure place where individuals can have the comfort of home while working with an exciting, multi-cultural team.


We provide excellent 24/7 customer and carrier service where feedback and communication are corner stones of our process. We are also strong believers in contributing and supporting charitable causes that are important to our community.

Dynamic Team

Our goal is to build cohesive groups of co-workers into compact teams that excel both as a group and as individual members, and as a result, benefits the greater good of the organization.

Common Goal

A well defined culture with clear and consistent goals is critical to our success.



Solid Principles

Everyone must at all times act with integrity and trust, while being loyal and respectful to fellow co-workers.

Curious Minded

Critical thinking is also a key to our success. We must be inquisitive and receptive to new ideas and be creative and flexible in providing solutions.

Good Team Players

We strive to develop good team players who are accountable, collaborative, reliable, effective communicators.

Self Responsibility

People with strong character values must hold themselves accountable to these values.




There are many facets to transportation and to the commodities we transport. We must equip ourselves with adequate knowledge in order to provide excellent service to our customers and carriers.


It is essential that we communicate accurately and concisely both in writing and orally. This applies to internal as well as external communication.


We are a service process driven organization. We must have well defined procedures and sufficient software applications to efficiently and effectively perform.


Our aim is to provide everyone with the tools to excel at their job. This includes situational training as well as exposure to the industry.

Our Guiding Principles – The fuel that drives the road ahead:

To listen to our customers and carriers and provide the best solutions and programs that meet current and future needs

To be effective communicators, by regularly sharing critical information to the right people at the right time, in the right way

To be accountable by being honest and accurate in the information we share and by delivering on our promises

To build and share our knowledge (i.e. product/equipment information, regulations, etc) with customers and carriers, pro-actively and on an ongoing basis, to support their success

To work as a team to ensure all of our services are integrated and effective for our customers and carriers

To be socially responsible, by supporting important causes in our own community as well as critical initiatives to customers and carriers

To foster a dynamic work environment that encourages diversity, respect, growth, and fun

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