Timely & Cost Effective Solutions


You require timely and cost effective solutions to your transportation needs. Our knowledgeable staff keep on top of market trends throughout North America and our expansive list of dedicated carriers provide you with these solutions. We constantly evaluate alternative scenarios to recommend the most appropriate solutions to our Customer partners.

Customers Served



Whether you are a regional or national account, having product available at store level in time, on time, and at the right time is so important to your business. We collaborate with you to make the logistics of your product movement easy so you can focus on matching your supply with consumers demand and evolving trends.

Master Distributors


With a focus on core produce items and specialty items such as imports, you need a partner who is with you every step of the way to make your transactions with retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies as seamless as possible. We provide a database of carriers who adjust truck locations to match product and growing seasons, increasing your availability of trucks in these core areas.

Wholesale Distributors


Your focus is on bringing truckloads to the warehouse – a busy place to say the least! With full product lines, selling to all levels of retail and food service, wholesalers need a partner who can adjust and accommodate last minute changes.  When you can see a load of bananas arriving at the same time as a full load of strawberries, timing is crucial and communication must be first-rate to avoid any delays or misunderstandings.

Foodservice Companies


Diverse and specialized products in one truck, no problem! Critical to a segment that sells various products to large and small chain restaurants and institutions. It’s our reputation on the line out there with you.

Direct Shippers


You have enough on your plate with growing, packing, and organizing the shipping of your product. And, when it’s ready, it’s ready. Working with someone who understands this is paramount. You need a partner who can deal with last minute changes and make sure your product gets to where it needs to go in the expected time frame, whether that be in the domestic or export market. We work with you every step of the way to ensure trucks are loaded as per your requirements and ensure that all paperwork is accurate, so that there are no delays during loading, in transit, border crossing, and delivery.

Produce Brokers/Resellers


Sourcing: your main priority. Your business depends on product availability and pricing, and this impacts where and when you will have product to sell. So, you need to be active in many regions, and we collaborate with you to match the right truck for the job so that you can focus on sourcing out the best solutions for your customers.

New Customers

Do you fit into any of the customer types listed above? Get on board! United World Transportation is continuously looking for opportunities to expand our business, and we are always looking for new Customer partners to develop into a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

If you are interested in becoming a Customer partner, please contact our sales team: toll free – 877.273.7470 or email the . An Account Manager will contact to discuss the application process.

Refrigerated Transportation

Over the road service that provides nation-wide capacity to various industry segments and ensures safe, secure, and on-time delivery of goods.


Rail plus truck service that allows access to all aspects of perishables logistics, and often for a lower price than trucking alone.

Customer Forms

Do you need some more info? Check out our resources and download some of our forms!

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