Nationwide Over-the-Road Capacity


We understand that you need a transportation company that can effectively communicate, work proactively, and apply resourcefulness and knowledge to ensure the safe, secure, and on-time delivery of goods.

United World Transportation provides over the road services that cover these requirements. In business for over 15 years and designated as Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Performance Certified, with an A credit score and $100,000 Bond, UWT specializes in full truckload shipment of refrigerated produce and serves various industry segments  and offers various benefits to owner-operators.

UWT’s model provides our customers and carriers with year round truck and load capacity. 75% of produce loads are handled by Owner-Operators, and our model ensures direct availability of these trucks, resulting in immediate contact to on-the-ground information that is critical for produce loads (product temperatures, product condition, packaging issues, etc.). These types of shipments have specific requirements and as such, we work to reduce or eliminate product quality issues, loss of sales, additional costs incurred by replacement stock, and redelivery costs.

Refrigerated Truck Load service offerings that provide improved productivity, cost savings and peace of mind:



Access to a large and growing network of 48’ or 53’ air-ride refrigerated trailers.


Door-to-door service throughout North America

Capacity throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This program allows you access new “direct” purchase opportunities in various key growing regions.


Single point of contact

You will save time by having UWT as a single point of contact to monitor the status of your shipment from start to finish.


Daily Truck Updates

Prepared and delivered each morning showing status of all  trucks from “dispatched” to “delivered”, so you are aware of where their loads are and what you will have available to sell on what day.


Consolidated Billing

Eliminates the time and expense associated with multiple carrier invoices and payment expenses.


Carrier Relations

UWT treats our Carriers in a fair and professional manner. Every prospective Carrier undergoes a qualification process that includes evaluating insurance requirements, equipment, and references, to name a few. Once approved, UWT assists in managing document requirements and finances. Carrier’s performance is measured on a per load basis by our in-house carrier rating system, and top rated Carriers are given priority over loads.


Trained and knowledgeable

The trucking industry, particularly produce, is extremely multi-dimensional. Numerous factors must be considered when transporting goods: equipment requirements, product specifications, customs, to name a few. Our in-depth knowledge and industry training ensures our ability to effectively and efficiently manage shipments so they are set up for success. Drivers are also trained to detect the slight changes in load particulars and adjust as necessary to protect product quality.

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