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United World Transportation (UWT) started out as the third party logistics company United World Cargo, which was founded in 2003.

Both owners approached the refrigerated transportation industry with a new perspective, and this helped in the development of innovative programs and features that were lacking by much of the competition. Through this, our customer and carrier partners experienced tangible benefits and the formation of trusted long-term partnerships; 10 years later, the company has successfully expanded and rebranded to United World Transportation.

With an enduring passion for “continuous improvement” shaped by the two owners, UWT has grown to be a successful transportation provider in the refrigerated produce industry, an educator for market, regulatory and industry topics, and a sought after employer.

Keys to our Success


Solid Financial Structure

UWT’s strong financial structure allows us to provide one of the best and fastest advance and payment terms of any transportation provider. We recognize the cash flow requirements of Carriers, and realize it is our responsibility to ensure that our Carriers’ financial needs are met; this structure promotes a trusted partnership that is committed to the safe, secure, and on time delivery of your products.

Managing Exceptions

While we work to avoid any disruptions in delivery commitments, mechanical breakdowns and weather issues are a part of the business. We are committed to pursuing whatever avenue we must to try to maintain on-time delivery. As we are dealing with perishables, our primary concern is expediting delivery. Much of our performance is judged on how “we manage the exceptions.”

Bilingual accessibility and support

UWT’s dedicated Customer Service Department controls and takes responsibility for all communications, loading details, and appointment scheduling to ensure our drivers have the necessary support to concentrate on a safe and secure on time delivery. Our bilingual English and Spanish office is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with round-the-clock complete access to all load details and specifics, making information readily available for Customer or Carrier questions, updates, issues, or last minute load changes.

Our Partners

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