As the need for reefer truck drivers increases across the nation — we’re here to list seven reasons why truck drivers are switching to refrigerated transportation.

From increased pay to greater responsibility, you’re about to learn why switching to refrigerated transportation is one of the best bets for 2022 and beyond.
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1. Refrigerated Transportation Drivers Earn More

On average, truck drivers earn $0.28-0.40 per mile.

Compare that to reefer truck drivers who earn upwards of $2.97 per mile. In other words, refrigerated transportation drivers earn significantly more money per mile. If you’re ready to start making more money on the road — reefer trucking is right for you.

However, reefer trucking rates vary from state to state. Additionally, seasonal changes may affect pay per mile — especially regarding agricultural loads.

2. Refrigerated Transportation Drivers Have More Responsibility

Driving a refrigerated truck is the best choice if you enjoy having more responsibility on the job.

Unlike traditional truck drivers, reefer truck drivers have more riding on their shoulders. From checking the cargo’s temperature to ensuring a smooth ride, reefer truck drivers have more to consider.

3. Refrigerated Transportation Drivers are Vital in the Age of COVID

The trucking industry has always been considered vital.

However, refrigerated trucking is even more necessary in the age of COVID and subsequent vaccines. From medicine to perishable goods, refrigerated transportation is an essential mode of transportation that provides critical supplies across the nation.

4. Reefer Drivers are More Versatile

Understanding the nuances of driving reefer trucks automatically makes you a versatile trucker.

Unlike traditional truck drivers, refrigerated transport drivers can tackle nearly any obstacle. From enhanced knowledge to experience, you’ll be looked upon with tremendous respect by your peers.

5. Reefer Drivers Gain More Experience

When you start driving refrigerated cargo — you have to learn fast.

Reefer drivers have a lot to consider, such as maintaining proper cargo temperature to understanding every aspect of onboard tech to keep your load from going bad. Although this may sound stressful — it builds experience.

6. Reefer Truck Drivers Have More Demand and Job Security

Reefer truck drivers are in demand year-round.

From seasonal agriculture to medicine, there’s always a load for refrigerated transportation. Although traditional trucking is year-round, reefer trucks’ job security is unparalleled.

Refrigerated transportation hauls perishable and high-priced goods, making this service well-paid and crucial for many industries. From hospitals to restaurants, refrigerated transport deals with high-dollar clients that can’t afford to miss a shipment.

7. Refrigerated Transportation Drivers Earn Better Benefits

Building off of job security — refrigerated transportation drivers typically earn better benefits.

Perks like enhanced 401k, monthly bonus miles, industry-leading health insurance, and paid time off are all possible when driving refrigerated transportation. Benefits such as life insurance and 401k match are all possible once you sign up to become a reefer driver.

With so many benefits — there’s no reason not to become a refrigerated transportation driver today!

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