Tuesday’s visit out to the local stores showed the start of the seasonal shift in the market. Typical for this time of year, hothouse product is moving steady, apples are showing their typical domestic volume, and pricing and Bartlett pears are now originating from either Argentina or Australia. Most notably, stores are starting to promote some key items such as watermelons and mangoes in anticipation for the Mother’s Day pull. Experts note that Mother’s Day will make trucks tight for the coming weeks, in particular for WA and Eastern ID due to increased shipments of nursery stock.

Here’s what caught our eye in particular this month:

wmelonWatermelons – many stores had one full bin of watermelons on the produce floor and were running promotions. This adequate volume is despite of some adverse weather conditions earlier in the month in Florida, and some short term quality issues in Mexico. Most of the production is coming out of the Sonora area of Mexico, and the national market is noted to be settling with promotable volumes all around. Quality is noted as good while prices are slightly higher. Retailers can expect to have full promotions running with lots of bins available in time for Victoria Day/Memorial Day weekends.

ataulfo-300x225.jpgMangoes – all mangoes in local stores are now coming from Mexico, with red and ataulfo varieties being the dominant market leaders. Quality and condition look good for both varieties, and retailers are taking advantage of the volumes by running promotions in line with Mother’s Day. Experts indicate that this will be a significant year for Mexican mango production and for mango exports to the US and Canada. Due to this increase in import volumes, shippers and marketing agencies are working with retailers to help them consider promotions to help move the larger than normal volumes; that being said, consumers can expect to continue to see mango promotions well into the summer months.

grapes1Grapes – this is a key time for the seasonal shift in grape production. While all stores are still stocking green and red seedless varieties from Chile, the low store volumes indicate that they are soon going to be ready to receive product from California and Mexico, possibly as early as next week. For green seedless out of the CA and MX regions, quality is reported as excellent and the fruit is expected to be priced high to start. Red seedless grapes have started out of the Coachella area, with quality and size noted as excellent. As with green varieties, the prices will be much higher than the present Chilean fruit in the market, which will continue to be the case for the next few weeks.

So, that’s what’s in stores at the end of April! Remember, you can always contact our sales team  if you would like to discuss any changes to buying patterns, introduction of new crops, and how we can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity.

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