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    What Drivers Need to Know About HOS Regulations Ahead of the Upcoming ELD Mandate

What Drivers Need to Know About HOS Regulations Ahead of the Upcoming ELD Mandate

Hours of Service Regulations have been around in some form since 1938. Presently, they have not changed since 2015 with the suspension of the new requirements around the 34-hour restart. We are now less […]

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HOS: Our Most Popular Blog Post, with FAQ

The FMCSA’s regulations on Hours of Service is one of our most read blog posts. Written just before the new regulations came out in July 2013, It averages 100 page views per month and […]

Drivers Out-of-Service Critieria, a Review

The CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) recently released the revised North American Standard Out of Service Criteria. This Criteria became effective on April 1 and goes over the conditions for placing vehicles and drivers […]

Countdown to HOS

Following a House subcommittee hearing from two days ago, the new Hours of Service Regulations and their impending compliance date of July 1 continue to be the hot topic for the trucking industry, with […]

Hours of Service Compliance Date is Fast Approaching!

There is now less than two months until the compliance date for the Hours of Service Drivers Final Rule. On July 1, 2013 drivers will need comply with the following:

Limitation on minimum 34-hour restarts:

Must […]

A Review of the 14-Hour Driving Window

The FMCSA Hours-of-Service Regulations is a detailed rule that every driver of a Commercial Motor Vehicle must adhere to. Although there were some changes to the hours-of-service rules in December, 2011, the standard 14 […]

Guest Post: From the Desk of Carrier Relations

Greetings from the UWC Carrier Relations Department! Our fully staffed and bilingual department is dedicated to assisting our valued carrier partners, from administering paperwork, managing finances, assisting with claims resolution, and advising on any […]

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