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How to Prevent Run-Under Crashes, complete with a Pop-Quiz!

Any time a truck is involved in a crash, operations are impacted. A run-under crash occurs when a vehicle drives under a trailer unit; although these types of crashes are among the easiest to […]

How to Calibrate a Pulp Thermometer

A mandatory tool for all drivers in the produce transportation industry. Pocket pulp thermometers come in varied price ranges and models, from the basic probe & dial, to digital, to infrared. Whatever model type […]

Let’s Talk Safety: Tips on How to Prevent Crashes

Today’s blog post makes use of valuable information provided by insurance companies. Safety education is critical, and all members of the transportation industry need to work together to prevent crashes, eliminating unnecessary property damage […]

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    Guest Post: From the Desk of Carrier Relations – Keep it Cool!

Guest Post: From the Desk of Carrier Relations – Keep it Cool!







Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to review our loading procedures and remind everyone of an important loading requirement that is key to prevent any type of scenarios that could result […]

The 4 P’s of Recorders

Temperature recorder devices, also referred to in the industry by the popular brands of TempTale or Ryan Recorders, are crucial elements in refrigerated produce loads. Temperature recorders keep a record of the in-transit temperature […]

Pulp Thermometers are Here!

The second shipment of UWC pulp temperature thermometers have arrived at TC Trans in Blaine, WA!

A pulp temperature thermometer is one of the most necessary items in a driver’s toolkit, along with a pen, […]

Temperature Recorder Placement

Welcome to the third installment on our series on the Interactions between Refrigerated Trailers and Products.

Temperature recorders are also commonly referred to as TempTales or Ryan recorders. Their proper use (placement, position, and performance) […]

How it works – Refrigerated Trailers – Part II

In a post back in February, we introduced the topic of how refer units work that outlined some facts what will help us better understand and clarify their operation.

This lead us to ask the question, […]

Continuous vs. Cycle Sentry

Refrigerated trailer temperature settings are one of the most critical aspects that can influence fruit and vegetables products upon delivery. Below is a description of both settings and further information on their functions:


Continuous setting must be […]