Temperature recorder devices, also referred to in the industry by the popular brands of TempTale or Ryan Recorders, are crucial elements in refrigerated produce loads. Temperature recorders keep a record of the in-transit temperature for the duration of a trip, and there are many things to keep in mind to make sure that they operate as designed.

1. Presence
Customers that require temperature recorder devices have paid for them, and they should be treated as additional product on the truck. It is the driver’s responsibility to check for their presence and ensure that the correct number of recorders are on the truck. For example, if a Customer has requested a TempTale from each pickup and there are 4 picks, drivers must make sure that there are a total of 4 TempTales on the truck. Drivers must also make sure that the recorder serial number that is on the bill of lading matches the serial number on the actual device. These details are the driver’s responsibility and we must be notified immediately of any discrepancies. If you are not allowed access to a loading dock (to confirm, count, pulp temperatures, and temperature recorder presence), please remember to document “Shipper Load and Count” on your bill of lading.

2. Position
The position of the recorder is critical to make sure that they provide an accurate reading. According to Sensitech, a leader in temperature recroder device manufacturing and technology, the correct location of the temperature recorder is on the back right pallet facing the doors. If the temperature recorder is to be placed before the last pickup, or is required for every pickup, the recorder should still be placed on the last pallet for that pickup.

Temperature recorders should not be placed on trailer walls because this permits heat that is conducted through the walls to affect the reading produced by the recorder.

3. Placement
Recorders must be placed on the top of boxes on the pallet in order to provide an accurate reading. Make sure that the recorder is placed carefully as to not damage it.

4. Performance
Make sure that the recorder is in good working order and is turned on. The recorder will be insignificant if its performance is not verified.

These 4 P’s will help in the success of your deliveries. If you need a refresher or assistance in any loading particulars, remember to refer to our Carrier Loading Guidelines. On a final note, always remember, ALL PRODUCE LOADS MUST BE RUN ON CONTINUOUS, regardless of the type of product!!!!!

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