Truck driving is an incredibly difficult job that’s vital to sustaining our way of life. Truck drivers spend long and stressful hours on the road to deliver virtually all the country’s goods and resources.

As crucial as truck driving is, it can often be a thankless job. To change that, the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) was created.

Continue reading to find out what NTDAW is and how you can participate in it this year whether you own a trucking company, related trucking business, or just want to show your support.

When and What Is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)?

In 2020, NTDAW takes place from September 13-19. NTDAW was created by the American Trucking Associations to honor the 3.5 million drivers for their hard work and commitment.

This year is especially important because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Truck drivers were the essential workers that kept food and medicine available as the country came to a standstill during the crisis.

How do I show my appreciation for the men and women who keep the flow of essential items rolling across the country?

Giveaways Throughout The Week

Giveaways are a fun way to give back to truckers and celebrate NTDAW. Many trucking companies raffle off items like CB radios, phones, GPS units, and gift cards.

Some trucking companies like Landstar or Averitt will be choosing a few lucky drivers with a brand new Freightliner truck.

Food and Drinks

Everyone can agree that the best food is free food. Free food is incredibly delicious when you’re on the road, driving hundreds of miles each day.

Set up a free food stand at a truck terminal with snacks and drinks throughout the week. Some truck stops and diners are offering free lunches and dinners to all truckers.

Gifting Items Big and Small

Giving away items to truck drivers is a great way to show your support. A gift can be something as small as a t-shirt, cap, or sweater.

Truckers appreciate and love items that help them with their job. That includes things like truck mattresses, electric blankets, satellite radio, or audiobooks.

Truck Cleaning and Servicing

Since a driver’s truck is a home away from home, you can help them clean and service their vehicle. Pay for an entire cleaning of their cab or even help them wash their windows.

If you want to remove stress from a trucker’s life, you can help them service their truck. Mechanical problems are always a worry and a headache for truckers.

Show Your Support With Written Messages

Perhaps one of the most powerful ways to celebrate NTDAW is with simple ink and paper. The reason why messages are so powerful is that anyone and everyone can take part.

A showering of support from houses, local businesses, or even the roadside will improve a trucker’s mood and morale. Help make truckers feel like the superheroes they are this NTDAW with a simple message of support.

Go above and beyond by continuing to show your support to truckers even after NTDAW is over. By normalizing support the entire year, we can turn truck driving into the thankful job that it deserves to be.

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