Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to review our loading procedures and remind everyone of an important loading requirement that is key to prevent any type of scenarios that could result in product temperature issues upon delivery.

In these past days, the ambient temperatures in the southern states has hovered anywhere from 90 – 110+F!

These high temperatures bring obvious concerns over product loading and pickups in these areas.

It is crucial for carriers to pre-cool their trailers at least one hour prior to loading; drivers loading with a pre-cooled trailer will benefit from better temperature readings. Once the trucks reach the warmer weather, if not pre-cooled, the ambient temperature will influence the running of the reefer and in the end, the temperature recorder reading.

It is also a great idea for drivers to let us know if the product was in a cooler or not. Sometimes product is loading right out of the fields, and is not placed in a warehouse cooler before being loaded into a trailer. Drivers need to pulp at least 3 pallets from the trailer (at the nose, mid, & tail) and to record and report any issues.

Whatever the case is, UWT needs to be aware of the loading conditions, and if the product is pulping hotter than the requested reefer running temperature, so that we can advise the appropriate parties and decide the best course of action.

Also, in these hot summer months, it is equally important for drivers to keep cool. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, use a portable fan, and get good rest to ensure you are alert, cool and well prepared!!!

Vancouver is currently sitting at a comfortable 68F. Here’s a view from the south of our office. Feel free to come visit us anytime!

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