The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have announced that trucks older than 2006 will be banned from entry to port terminals beginning in January 2012. Back in January 2010, ports banned trucks with 1993 or older engines. This latest step, which is part of the Clean Trucks Program introduced in October 2008, is the last phase in the planned progression to disallow older trucks into the ports.
Trucks will be banned entry into these port terminals in January if they do not meet the 2007 Federal Clean Truck Emission Standard. Most drayage trucks that currently enter these ports have already been converted to newer, cleaner trucks. This also means that they are no longer paying a clean truck container fee. According to sources, of the more than 10,000 trucks that are registered to do business in the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complexes, less than 3% are still paying the fee because they haven’t converted their trucks.So, what does the conversion to newer, cleaner trucks mean? It has reduced diesel particulate matter from truck-related pollution by more than 80%. The industry is also replacing vehicles much sooner than expected, which has resulted in reductions in air pollution that are 2 years ahead of schedule.

This Program is just one in a series of California Air Resource Board initiatives to reduce diesel particulate pollution. For Drayage trucks, there are many solutions available in order to meet compliance, both long term and short term. The short term solutions do not meet the requirements of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, so it is critical for drayage truck owners to be aware and fully understand their options. Visit the CARB Drayage webpage for more information. Also, let’s not forget about the numerous TRU (reefer) regulations that are now in place in California. Visit the CARB TRU webpage for more information on these regulations and how to become compliant. Remember, the rules are for ANY truck operating in California!!!

As always, if you need assistance in making sense of the regulations and facilitating compliance, give our carrier relations department a call!!! 

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