As a refrigerated produce transportation carrier, you are responsible for the transportation and condition of perishable food items which need to kept at certain temperature levels in order to maintain their freshness and remain edible. Improperly-refrigerated produce could be dangerous to consumers and could damage your company’s reputation, so it’s important to safeguard your produce, especially during a difficult period such as summer.

Although it is easy to think of winter’s icy conditions as the worst time to drive a truck, summer is not without its obstacles, with increased traffic and congestion often leading to road rage and frustration. In addition, refrigerated produce transportation carriers also have the condition of their produce in the back of their mind to worry about too. Fresh produce is like a ticking timebomb – it becomes less and less edible as soon as you begin the shipping process; time is of the essence.

Now, without further ado, here are our 4 tips for company drivers and owner-operators who are preparing for the busy summer months.

1. Keep an eye on your tires

Depending on where you are in America, you may be subjected to extreme temperatures during the summer months. These temperatures, coupled with hot roads, can cause a blowout for your tires. In order to reduce the chance of these summer blowouts from occurring, you should maintain your tire pressure on a regular basis. Too-low tire pressure often leads to blowouts in extreme summer temperatures.

2. Change your oil

It goes without saying that you should change your oil regularly, despite the weather outside. If your truck is being subjected to high temperatures, then use synthetic oils, as these are more adapted to hotter temperatures and can even protect your vehicle when you’re towing your haul.

3. Check your brakes regularly

When it comes to testing out your brakes more than usual, you probably think of slippy or icy conditions which are more associated with the colder months. However, hot temperatures mean that your brake components cannot absorb any additional heat (because they’re already hot) which leads to a loss of friction. Put simply, the summer heat can cause your brakes to become less effective, so be sure to check them regularly during the warmer months.

4. Check the temperature of your fridges

In order to be effective, the cold chain needs to be accurate and consistent, and that includes your refrigerated truck. Having the temperature of your truck’s refrigerated cargo area off by even 1 degree could be the difference between safe cargo and inedible or less-fresh cargo. The summer temperatures obviously threaten perishable produce, which needs to stay in colder temperatures, so it is imperative to ensure that your refrigerators are all running properly and are at the right temperature, unaffected by the extreme heat outside.

We hope your enjoyed these 4 tips for refrigerated truck drivers who are preparing for the summer! When driving your truck in the summer, remember to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water, and remember to keep yourself as cool as you can.

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