No trucker wants to think about getting into a severe collision, much less the possibility of a fatal one. Truck driving is a notoriously dangerous job, yet many truckers don’t have a written will.

Most people think that a will is exclusively for wealthy people with a lot of assets. However, it’s crucial for all Americans, no matter what material possessions you have.

Continue reading to find out five reasons why every trucker should have a written will.

5. Property and Assets

If you have a written will, you will decide how your property and assets pass onto your loved ones. There’s no guarantee that your possessions will pass onto the people you want them to without a will.

4. Family Guardianship

If you have any children who are minors, you can specify the person you want to take care of them. Without a will, the court will need to choose a family member or even a state-appointed guardian.

For many people, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are many cases where a child ends up being raised by people who the deceased would not have wanted.

3. Legal Trouble for Your Survivors

One of the most compelling reasons to write a will is to reduce legal trouble and hardships for your survivors. There are many instances of family members or close loved ones not getting what they deserved from the deceased.

For example, you might have an insurance policy in someone’s name (like an ex), but you never updated the policy. In a will, you can easily write that you want your loved one to receive the money from your insurance policies.

However, if you still have someone else’s name on the insurance policy and no will, the wrong person will receive the payout. Not only will your loved ones not get the payment, but they will likely need to go through a complicated legal battle to attemptto get what should be theirs.

Having a will makes sure that your family and those you care about won’t need to fight for the things you want them to have.

2. Reduce Delays

A will also speeds up the process so that your loved ones can receive your assets and money quickly. This is especially important for those who rely on you, like your spouse or children.

Without a will, a court will need to decide how to divide up your assets, resulting in lengthy delays.

1. Make Things Easy in a Difficult Time

Losing someone is extremely difficult, and a family shouldn’t have to deal with legal troubles during such a tragic time. Having a will dramatically reduces the amount of bureaucracy involved, letting your loved ones grieve without any added stress.

Put Your Affairs in Order

It’s estimated that nearly 70% of Americans don’t have a will prepared. Part of that is because thinking about one’s mortality isn’t easy.

However, It’s impossible to predict the future. Protect your loved ones by putting your affairs in order with a written will.

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