Once your commercial truck begins to age and loseits former prowess, you need to start looking into replacing its brake pads and brake rotors if you are to ensure maximum safety. Whether your truck has recently had its brake pads replaced or not, you should nonetheless insure yourself with an insurance plan for truck drivers which aims to keep you covered in the event that your old truck’s brakes fail you.

Monetary costs

When it comes to replacing brake pads, it all depends on whether you want hydraulic brake pads or air brakes pads. Many old trucks will tend to use hydraulic brake pads, while air brakes are a newer technology. New hydraulic brake pads for heavy-dutytrucks are set to cost you between $50-$170 depending on what you’re looking for, while air brake pads are likely to cost $125-$230 depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for new brake rotors for yourold truck, the price of these varies greatly depending on what you’re looking for. For example, the cheapest brake rotors will set you back around $5, while the crème de la crème will see you spending up to $300 on a brake rotor. Nonetheless, the more money you save on brake rotors, the more you can invest inyour insurance plan for truck drivers’ premiums.


When it comes to timeframe, it is relatively quick to have your brake pads and/or brake rotors replaced. For example, most mechanics can change a car’s brake pads in 15 minutes or less, assuming there are no added complexities. When it comes to your heavy-dutytruck, a brake pad replacement is unlikely to take more than 1 or 2 hours. The only exception would be if the mechanics found additional issues or obstacles when attempting to replace the vehicle’s brakes. This relatively short timeframe means that your truck can be on the road again very quickly, reducing downtime and helping to keep things moving – literally.

The bottom line

Your truck’s braking system is one of its most obvious assets – a strong braking system could save your life (and the life of other road users) in a dangerous situation. With relatively low monetary costs and turnaround times, it makes sense to organize a brake pad and brake rotor replacement job for your aging truck as quickly as possible, curbing the chances that you’ll ever need to claim on your insurance plan for truck drivers down the line!

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