This past Monday, members of the UWT team made the trip down to TC Trans for the FIRST EVER Driver Appreciation Day. Despite the cold weather and snowy driving conditions, drivers were in attendance to enjoy the delicious breakfast hosted by Paso Del Norte,  and participate in the day’s various topics. One of the most valuable sessions from the day was undoubtedly the Chain Training that was performed by TC Trans.

Chain Training covered: key tools to use while chaining up, how to chain up without having to move your truck, and how to make sure you are legal for the specifications of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California for truck and trailer. And as of today, a video of the chain training session is live on UWT’s YouTube Channel!!!! Check it out below:

A huge thanks to all our drivers for participating in the events of the day! Stay tuned for more video and media related to other topics that were covered during the event. And finally, a huge thanks to TC Trans for hosting the event!

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