This week, we are taking a detailed look at some our common truck load commodities, to see what’s going on in the market in terms of origin, supply, quality and predictions for the upcoming months. Weather continues to affect different regions and products throughout the nation, and many growers are still hoping for some consistency in weather patterns to lead to predicable harvesting and supply. Here’s what the markets are looking like:

avocadoAvocados – The weekly volume out of Mexico is at 30 million lbs, which is not meeting demand. Field prices out of that region remain high, with experts predicting that we should see 25-30 million lbs per week until the end of this crop, which is in June. In California, harvest is starting a little earlier than expected due to rains that have relieved drought, the good availability of harvesting crews, and a strong market. Quality is expected to be good, with California trees looking better than they have for several years. The California Avocado Commission predicts that the 2017 season will bring approximately 200 million pounds of avocados to market, about half of last year’s volume. Supply is sure to be an issue with demand expected to be high for St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness celebrations.

broccoliBroccoli – Weather is to blame for a shortage of broccoli supplies out of key growing regions in Mexico, Yuma, and Santa Maria. The season in Salinas has started, but the packing supply that has begun there is not enough to meet demand. Quality issues are reported across all regions, primarily due to rain. So, while the supply gap is in place, the lower quality is keeping prices down. The market is not expected to change in any way for the next 2-3 weeks.

pineapplePineapples – Rain is the name of the game for pineapples as well. Supplies have been noted as light due to a period of heavy rains at the end of November 2016 that has affected crops in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala. This situation is expected to remain unchanged throughout March, with supplies continuing to be very tight.

appleApples – Washington is at its peak for popular varieties, including red delicious, golden delicious, granny smith, gala, and fuji. Idaho is also in peak season for red delicious, golden delicious, romes, and pink lady’s. Out east, both New York and Michigan are in the peak of their seasons as well. This is leading to a lot of competition in the market, which is likely the reason for favorable pricing for buyers and consumers. Quality out of all regions is noted as good, and the steady market is expected to continue into Spring.

potatoPotatoes – Market is steady on small cartons (80 count and smaller) with the larger cartons (70 count and larger) firming slightly. Quality reported as good out of Idaho, Washington, Eastern Colorado and Wisconsin. The main variety set to hit the stores is now burbanks out of Idaho. For coloured varieties, a stronger market is expected over the next few weeks as Bakersfield whites are finished, and suppliers are now sourcing product from Washington, with Florida to follow.

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