Job satisfaction can be defined in many ways. In general, some experts believe it is simply how happy an individual is with his or her job; in other words, whether they like the job or individual aspects of the job, such as nature of work or type of supervision. No matter what industry is being looked at, job satisfaction is a major point of measure. Specifically, for transportation carriers of refrigerated goods, job satisfaction can influence the safe transport of goods and the potential success for on-time, issue free delivery.

So, how is what UWT does different from the rest? How do we make sure that our carriers are happy? There are some key influencers that can affect a carrier’s satisfaction with a broker: load availability, payment terms, accessibility, load expertise, and troubleshooting. Find out below how UWT works to ensure carriers are satisfied on all those points, and more:

Load Availability from Increased Load Opportunities

UWT has the sales personnel, financial capability and IT resources (electronic TMS systems, and integrations with EDI) that work to get you access to potential new markets, more freight, and variety of loads. Our work in these areas provides peace of mind to drivers by taking the administrative stress of off looking for loads.

Payment Terms that Improve Cash Flow & Financial Health

An increase in cash flow is another way we work to ensure our carriers are satisfied. We provide a variety of payment terms to suit a transportation carrier’s individual business needs. These include short payment terms and driver-focused fuel advances. Invoices with UWT can be settled via check, factor or direct deposit. We offer various terms with our most popular being 7 day pay with no fee, and quick pay offered at a competitive term of 1.5% of Net Funds Due, paid within 72 hours of delivery.

Advances are readily available to any carrier that wants them. UWT will advance any of our carriers up to 40% of the gross load amount (upon pickup). Terms for this service are also competitive, at 2% of the advance amount, minimum $20 US. We can issue advances via comchek or T-check.

Our drivers are satisfied because we pay when we say we are going to pay. It’s that simple and is one of our biggest competitive advantages in the transportation of refrigerated goods marketplace.


There is nothing more frustrating for a driver than not being able to reach the broker they are dealing with. When you work with UWT, this is never an issue. We have various methods available for carriers to contact us, including office phone, mobile phones, text, WhatsApp, Skype, email, and fax. We are also available 24/7 and pride ourselves on being a bilingual English/Spanish workplace.

Furthermore, we increase your satisfaction by being friendly, helpful and respectful in our interactions with you. So, by dealing with us you get not only a broker that is available whenever you need, but one that you will love dealing with!

Load Expertise for Increased Productivity

Building and sharing our knowledge supports the success of our transportation carriers. We provide detailed product knowledge expertise for correct product handling under various conditions.  Furthermore, we provide loading guidelines for refrigerated goods. And, we effectively monitor market conditions and regulations within the trucking sector to keep everyone informed.

Leave the scheduling of pickups, deliveries, and cross-checking shipment information (product description, case/pallet count, weight, other loading requirements, etc.) to us. This increases your productivity by conserving your on-duty hours for driving, a benefit that has made many of our current drivers very happy!


Many times, satisfaction is best measured in times of issues. How a company deals with issues and works to troubleshoot can make or break a relationship. This is very critical in an industry such as the transportation of perishable refrigerated goods.

UWT provides time and resources for troubleshooting loads (accessing services, paying for services, rescheduling of pickups and/or deliveries, etc.). Carriers have come to rely on us and trust that we will assist them to get the refrigerated good that are in their care to delivery

Another key aspect of our positive relationship with carriers is claim mitigation. UWT has one of the best claims reputations in the industry. We have developed a thorough set of procedures that start with processes to prevent cargo claims from occurring. When cargo claims do occur, we work on behalf of our carriers to mitigate losses. We administer them on behalf of our transportation carriers in a timely manner to ensure costs are mitigated for all parties. Working diligently with carriers, customers, insurance companies, claims adjusters, government personnel and any other involved parties has become one of our differentiating characteristics. We have a dedicated team that works to resolve claims, including but not limited to issues related to product quality, temperature, cargo theft, and rejections.

These are the key ways we make sure our transportation carriers are happy. A satisfied carrier is our main objective as this ensures the safe delivery of refrigerated goods, and ensures that the carrier will continue to work with us for future mutual success. Contact us today and experience the UWT difference!

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