Fleet managers have a tough job overlooking many different aspects of a trucking company. Fleet managers not only have to oversee team members but vehicle maintenance as well.

A fleet manager’s worst nightmare is a stolen vehicle. Not only is the truck and its cargo lost, but insurance claims and downtime lead to lost revenue.

One of the best things that a fleet manager can do is be prepared for the possibility of a stolen truck by making a fleet asset theft plan.

Continue reading below to learn how to make a fleet asset theft plan that will save you and your company valuable time and money.

Install a Tracking Device

The best way to recover a stolen vehicle is through GPS tracking. A GPS tracker in the cab and trailer is the most secure way to keep track of a truck and its cargo.

If a vehicle gets stolen, you can locate and recover the vehicle quickly. Some trackers offer real-time tracking, so if the vehicle is going off-route, you’ll know right away.

In fact, GPS tracking may deter some thieves if they’re aware or suspect that the truck is equipped with it.

Have All Your Record Keeping up to Date

In the event of a stolen truck, you’ll need to be able to produce serial numbers, receipts, manufacturer’s information, and more. You don’t want to be scrambling through a massive pile of papers while you call the insurance company and your customers.

Make sure you have all paperwork stored safely in an excel sheet and backed up to a cloud. You’ll be able to retrieve all relevant information quickly when time is of the essence.

Prepare Your Drivers

The drivers are on the front line and will be the first to tell you about a vehicle theft or will need to answer if a truck goes off route. They must be prepared and know who to call and what to do.

Make sure that they have all relevant numbers to call when a theft happens. That includes not only the police and you but also the customer.

Every bit of information is crucial so try to train your drivers to be vigilant when they’re leaving their trucks for any reason. Also, teach them how to fill out the paperwork for missing supplies.

Act Quickly

One of the most important things to do after a vehicle theft is to act quickly. When a vehicle gets stolen, you’ll need to contact law enforcement and give them all relevant information.

You’ll also need to contact your insurance company within 24 hours of a vehicle or cargo going missing. Don’t delay because the quicker you tell the authorities and the insurance company, the better the result.

Get the Best Outcome

Although vehicle theft is completely unpredictable, your response to it is. You’re guaranteeing yourself the best possible outcome when you’re ready for it.

Don’t delay another day. Get your fleet asset theft plan together because the day may come when you’ll need it the most.

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