It’s that time of year again – time to start getting ready for upcoming CARB (California Air Resources Board) TRU Regulation deadline. Below, a review of each of the regulation, along with the important deadlines for carriers to mark in their calendars.

What are TRU’s

TRUs (Transport Refrigeration Units) are refrigeration systems powered by integral internal combustion engines designed to control the environment of temperature sensitive products that are transported in trucks, trailers, shipping containers and railcars. The TRU Regulation also affects TRU generator sets, which provide electric power to electrically driven refrigeration units, such as shipping containers and some semi-trailer vans.

TRU Regulation:

The TRU regulation applies to in-use diesel fueled TRUs and TRU generator sets that operate in California, whether they are registered in or outside the state. It requires all TRUs and TRU generator sets that operate within the state to meet in-use performance standards.

Here is the current TRU Compliance Schedule:

December 31, 2019 Model year (MY) 2012 engines must meet ULETRU.
End of each calendar year MY 2013 and newer engines less than 25 hp must meet ULETRU by the end of the 7th year after the engine model year. MY 2013 and newer engines 25 hp and greater meet ULETRU and have no further in-use standard requirements.

All operators or TRUs calling California their home base must be registered and have an ARB Identification Number, or IDN. Registration of out-of-state TRUs is voluntary; but, more out of state TRUs are being registered because there are advantages to registering in ARBER, such as certifying a TRU for compliance with the in-use requirements. When registration is complete, ARBER issues an ARB identification number, or IDN, for each unit. The owner must then buy plastic adhesive labels and affix (or paint) the numbers on both sides of the unit housing.

TRU Compliance Extensions

Compliance extensions are available if delivery or installation is delayed through no fault of the owner.  To qualify, an applicant must prove with documentation that they made a good-faith effort to comply by the December 31st deadline, by ordering compliance equipment early enough to consider delivery, installation, holiday, and year-end lead times.  It is recommended that TRU owners research compliance options in June and place orders in July to avoid delays.

For more information on the TRU Regulation, deadlines, and extension requirements, visit the California Air Resource Board’s site on TRU Compliance Information. Don’t be left out in the cold in California! Make sure you are complaint by the end of the year!

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