Although there has been a recent push to encourage younger people to become interested in truck driving as a career, you tend to hear very little about the salaries and rates which are supposed to entice these youngsters into the world of trucking. Although truck drivers are never going to be on ridiculous figures, it seems that you can make a decent amount of money by driving a truck these days. After all, with services like Amazon booming these days, the demand for truck drivers is only growing greater.

Before we get into the numbers, it is worth pointing out that for the vast majority of truck drivers in the US and Canada, you do not need to have any form of secondary education such as a college or university degree. In terms of actually training for the job, the process is fairly short and sweet, assuming that you have a valid driving license to begin with. As aforementioned, there are plenty of trucking jobs available at the moment, largely due to the increase in parcel deliveries in recent years and the reluctance of younger people to take up this “less glamorous” career.

So, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average truck driver salary in the US is $45,330. When it comes to hourly rate, the average US hourly rate for a truck driver is $21.80.

When it comes to Canada, salaries vary from region to region, although the average stands at $45,000 and the average hourly rate stands at $21.48, making it very similar to the US.

Now of course, if you’re promoted or you’re working within a specialized niche, such as reefer transportation, then you may be able to get even better salaries and hourly rates which exceed the national average. When you’re looking for a new job as a truck driver, or if you’re looking to break into the truck driving industry, we would recommend using these figures as a ballpark reference – don’t be afraid to quiz your potential new employer if they compensation is below the average for the region you’re in… try and get to the bottom of things!

However, bear in mind that averages such as this can be easily skewed, so you should always check to see if you can find out the average salary in the specific company you’re working for. This way, you can see if you’re being paid fairly within the specific company, location, and niche that you work within. The last thing you want to do is go in all guns blazing and shout at your bosses, only to discover that you’re actually being paid really well for your position. Oops!

Also, in case you were wondering, the best state to drive a truck in is DC (okay, not technically a state) which has an average salary of $58,388 and an hourly rate of $30 for truck drivers. However, if we include a real (and sizeable) state, the next highest is Alaska (not surprising perhaps) where truck drivers can fetch $56,250 per year or $27.04 per hour for their work traversing those icy roads.

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