Happy to be guest blog posting into 2013, the Carrier Relations Department would like to offer our carriers a review of UWT’s Payment methods and terms. Did you know, UWT has some of the best Carrier Payment Terms in the industry?!! The terms are flexible and have been designed to save our carriers money.

We offer various payment method options in order to suit our Carrier partners’ specific requirements. Choose the option that best suits your cash flow needs:

  • Check (mailed out on a weekly basis)
  • Factor
  • Direct Deposit

And, choose the terms that work best for you:

  • Quick Pay – 1.5% of Net funds due, and you get paid within 72 hours of delivery!!!**
  • 7 Days– standard payment terms. You get paid in 7 days after delivery and there are no fees for this service!!! **** Provided an invoice and all bills of lading have been received, are signed clean, and no claims are outstanding. Don’t forget, more savings are available by using our TRANSFLO Express Truckstop scanning or TRANSFLO Mobile programs to send paperwork; both programs are FREE.

Need a change?

More detailed information on available payment methods and terms can be found on our payment terms page. If you are an existing or new Carrier partner who would like to revise or advise us of your preferred method of payment and payment terms, please fill out the Carrier Payment Terms Agreement form, and or fax it to Carrier Relations at (866) 986-7401 . A Carrier Relations Representative will contact you upon receipt to discuss your payment terms status.

Stay Tuned!

Tomorrow, we will be announcing an exciting campaign for carriers that will run for the entire month of February!! Check back here tomorrow for all the details!

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