Today marks our 2nd year participating in the Get Pink’d! program. It is an annual wear pink day in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). Friends, colleagues, and school groups across the province participate in this event by purchasing buttons and wearing them along with pink clothing to show support for the CBCF and their efforts to fight breast cancer. UWT is proudly wearing our buttons today, along with all shades of pink (and a few guys in their purple!). To go along with our event this year, we are holding a bake sale. We have currently raised over $100 in button purchases, and over $200 in bake sale funds!


Our fundraising dollars, along with all other participating teams funds go towards specific projects that make a difference in our community or in the area of medicine. The British Columbia/Yukon Region raises funds for the following purposes: awareness, education, treatment and research.

Most importantly, we love the event as it allows us to all come together and work towards creating a future without breast cancer, a disease that impacts each and every one of us (from grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends past and present who battle/battled the disease). We are proud to support and are eager to continue to be Champions for the Cause through this event, our corporate giving program, and our participation in the yearly Run for the Cure.

Get involved!

Show your support for a future without breast cancer and host your own Get Pink’d event. You can Get Pink’d any day of the year if the 13th doesn’t work for you! Sign up and we can show you how! Register Your Team Here! Search for a Team to Join & Participate Here!

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