Dash cameras have been around for a long time, but new artificial intelligence (AI) upgrades are revolutionizing them. AI dashcams are no longer passive recorders but are active in detecting threats on the road.

Continue reading below to find out how AI dash cameras are improving truck drivers’ safety.

What Makes an AI Dashcam Different than a Traditional One

The term AI sounds fancy, but what separates it from a regular dashcam? For starters, regular dashcams only record footage and usually need to be turned on by the driver.

However, newer models now have enhanced safety features such as:

  • Loop recording
  • Accident detection
  • Lane change assist
  • Red light detection
  • Motion sensor recording

Still, regular dashcams are only really useful for capturing accidents to exonerate a trucker from an accident.

AI dash cameras are the future because they leverage machine learning and algorithms to get information about the environment. They interpret every object, vehicle, intersection, and traffic sign in real-time.

These smart cameras know when to start recording and don’t need any input from the driver.

How AI Dash Cameras Improve Safety

Unlike traditional dashcams, AI cameras are always on and vigilant. With all the information they’re gathering, they can detect potential hazards and actively warn drivers.

The cameras can also detect if the driver is performing aggressive driving, unsafe turns, and other small driving errors. AI cameras help keep drivers safe by being their extra set of eyes on the road.

However, AI dashcams can also be a driver’s co-pilot.

Many smart cameras come equipped with not only a front camera but a driver-facing camera too. The AI smart camera can detect if a driver is distracted or drowsy.

If they look away towards a smartphone or start nodding off from fatigue, the camera will detect it and send a warning to the driver. With helpful notifications from the camera, drivers will perform their job with much more caution.

AI Dashcams Help Fleet Managers Too

These smart cameras also provide fleet managers with valuable driver behavior data. As incidents happen on the road, the camera will automatically detect them and upload them to a cloud.

The fleet manager can get notified of any significant incidents so they can get in contact with a driver. However, they can also review snippets captured and uploaded by the camera.

With a traditional dashcam, it was nearly impossible to sift through the hours upon hours of available footage. AI dash cameras cut out all the work by automatically saving usable footage.

The fleet manager can review the footage and get an incredible insight into a driver’s behavior. That helps with coaching and staying vigilant against distracted and drowsy driving that could end up in a costly accident.

Are AI Dash Cameras Worth the Cost?

Operating your trucks with these smart dashcams doesn’t come cheap, though. All of these smart cameras require a monthly subscription and an upfront camera cost.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s right for your fleet, but these cameras possess incredible power to help keep your drivers safe and protect your business.

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