If you want to improve fleet safety and reduce liability costs, take a hard look at trucking video intelligence.

Below, we’ll discuss how trucking video intelligence solutions improve road safety for your trucking fleet.

What are Trucking Video Intelligence Solutions?

On-board cameras with telemetric and sensor data are increasingly used in the trucking industry.

Overall, trucking video intelligence solutions can increase fleet safety in many ways. Video intelligence solutions mitigate risk across your fleet, from monitoring driver habits to collision avoidance systems.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of trucking video intelligence solutions and improved road safety.

Reduce Collisions

One of the worst occurrences is a collision involving your fleet.

Whether it was your driver’s fault or not, video intelligence software can help reduce the number of collisions in your fleet. On-board cameras can analyze objects on the road and their proximity to the truck.

Video intelligence solutions can instantly recognize a hazardous situation and notify the driver. By implementing onboard cameras with video intelligence solutions, your fleet will be at less risk for road collisions.

Insight Into Driver Behavior

Once your fleet hits the road, you don’t know their driving habits — unless you have trucking video intelligence software onboard.

Video intelligence solutions make it easy to gain insight into your driver’s driving habits, such as hard braking, swerving, and speed. Overall, this information is crucial because it will help increase fleet safety.

Additionally, video intelligence software can help root out dangerous drivers from your fleet. Video intelligence is ultimately optimized to reduce liability and increase driver safety.

Provide Actual Data for Insurance Claims

Video intelligence solutions are the perfect way to provide data regarding insurance claims.

On-board cameras are always rolling, so anything that happens in its visible range will act as proof in the event of an accident. From monitoring speed to the exact moment of impact, trucking video intelligence solutions are key when there’s an accident on the road.

Reduce Overall Costs

With the help of video intelligence solutions, trucking companies can optimize operational costs.

From reducing fuel consumption to reduced liability from insurance costs, there’s no reason not to adopt on-board cameras that provide rich insight into everything that happens with trucks while in motion.

Help Truckers Become Safer Drivers

Ultimately, video intelligence software is an excellent tool for improving trucker safety.

Issues such as lane deviation to hard braking can be fixed with additional coaching and training. If any of your drivers experience these issues, they can be corrected before they become a bigger problem.

As trucking video intelligence software becomes more prevalent, there’s no better time than now to integrate onboard cameras into your fleet today.


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