Apart from your home, your truck is probably the single most expensive asset you will purchase. When you are buying such a big-ticket item, it’s always a good idea to have some knowledge. Finding the best diesel engine for a semi-truck and the best semi-truck to buy requires much research.

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Semi-truck engines are diesel engines, giving them better torque and hauling power than gasoline-powered engines. An average class 8 semi-truck engine is 14.8 liter, 6 cylinders; it weighs 2,880lbs, has up to 560 horsepower, and 1,850lbs of torque. In addition, semi-truck ehttps://sarocks.orgngines regularly pass one million miles, and are designed to run non-stop. With these impressive specs, it’s no wonder that the type of engine you choose can make all the difference when it comes to purchasing your semi-truck.

The best semi-truck engines today don’t rely on horsepower as much as they did in the past. Torque is what gets you moving and helps you haul those 80,000+ pound loads, mile after mile. 

Here are the key areas to consider:

Truck Engine Size & Weight:

Bigger often means better performance, but that comes a price; these engines are often heavier. And depending on the type of work you will be performing; a bigger truck engine may not be best. In fact, smaller 13-liter block engines have some impressive stats these days: most can go up to 500 hp, 1850 torque. In addition, these motors are lighter and therefore have a lower tare weight. They also have better fuel economy than a larger 15- or 16-liter engine.

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The rule of thumb here is that while more horsepower is better, it’s not the only factor to consider. Experts advise to choose the engine size and horsepower required, not desired. Horsepower costs more money at the time of purchase and over the lifetime of the truck.

Truck Engine Cost:

Of course, cost matters, especially for owner operators. Sometimes the best cost is when you look at bundling: many manufacturers offer special discounts on a driveline combo, a engine model with a particular transmission and rear diff. Or there are often cash discounts or free extended warranties that can be taken advantage of. These are immediate costs at the time of purchase, but you also have to consider the lifetime costs of fuel economy and maintenance, which vary depending on manufacturer. Another cost to consider is the resale value; considering future resale possibilities and ensuring you get the best resale is very depending on your engine choice.

Truck Engine Repair/Maintenance Availability:

This is key – when you are out on the road and in need of repair, or if you live in a more remote area of the county, you want to make sure you can access a manufacturer approved facility. The best place to start is to do an internet search of what semi-truck repair and maintenance facilities are in your area and then check if they will service your engine with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts – a key to keeping your warranty in good standing.

Unlike regular car or truck engines, semi-truck engines are designed to take the hardships of the road and haul heavy loads for hundreds of thousands of miles. So, take your time, do your research and make sure you make in informed purchase decision!

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