In Peak Season

March: a great time to welcome Spring, celebrate Benito Juarez’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and watch NCAA Basketball! March is also a great time of year for a range of fruits and vegetables. Grocery stores nationwide will be filled with great varieties; below, a list of some key players and their origin that make the produce department shine this month:

• Avocadoes – from Mexico

• Bell Peppers – from Florida or Mexico

• Cantaloupes – from Honduras (entering at Southern Florida & Southern California Ports).

• Cucumbers – from Mexico

• Grapefruit – from Florida

• Mangoes – from Mexico

• Onions – from Mexico

• Oranges – from Central California

• Romaine – from Arizona

• Strawberries – from California

• Tomatoes – from Mexico

Looking for help moving any of these products from any of these areas? Or looking to move your truck out of any of these areas? Contact us!

In Peak Performance?

There is exactly one month until team UWC runs in the 2012 Vancouver Sun Run! It has been Canada’s largest 10km road race and is now the 2nd largest 10km in the world! Its primary goal it so promote health, fitness, and a sense of community in the Lower Mainland. The Vancouver Sun Run has raised more than $1.86 million for important causes since 1985. Supported charities are: The Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader campaign, the Achilles Track Society, and The Vancouver Sun International Jerome Track Classic.

The 12 participants of Team Running the Road Ahead have been busy training and eating their healthy doses of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to prepare for race day! Stay tuned for more race info!!!

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