This past week, we began endorsing the NAPTWG, which is comprised of produce transportation stakeholders from key associations and industries across North America. These associations, particularly Blue Book Services and the Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC), have been long-standing publishers of industry trading guidelines. As per their website, the Working Group’s primary objective is to provide “best practice guidance and documentation pertaining to the handling and transport of fresh product to facilitate a seamless, safe, and sustainable global supply-chain.”

Endorsees of the Working Group are “companies involved in the produce industry supply chain including but not limited to grower, shippers, transporters, brokers, retailers, wholesalers, food service distributors, solution providers and all other companies who participate in the end to end produce supply.” We fully support the Groups efforts and encourage everyone to take a tour of their website, where you can find out more about the Working Group, and download their valuable Best Practices documents for Shippers, Receivers, and Carriers.

Also happening over this past week: we took part in the NAPTWG “Produce Transportation Best Practices Webinar,” an informative session that highlighted documentation and communication as the keys to success in produce transportation. The webinar can be viewed here. Watch it, it’s worth it!!!

Exciting collaborative efforts for the road ahead!

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