Last week’s visit out to the local stores indicated that the supplies of seasonal product is hitting promotable volumes. Mangoes, watermelons, cherries and even some early stone fruit were all showing good numbers and quality at the store level. Experts note that trucks in the CA area have tightened up slightly due to this week’s Roadcheck blitz. Also, trucks in ID are noted as steady while WA and Western ID remain tight due to increased shipments of nursery stock which is occupying capacity.

Here’s what caught our eye in particular this month:

cherry1.jpgCherries – CA Cherries are prevalent in stores; however, supplies seems to be winding down. WA is two weeks ahead of schedule this year, and experts note that demand is exceeding supply out of the area. Reports indicate that quality of the fruit being packed is the best in many years, due to favorable weather and growing conditions. Harvest of Rainier variety has begun with light supplies; this variety is expected to hit its first seasonal peak next week.

grapesGrapes – The seasonal shift is fully underway, with no stores carrying Chilean fruit; the shift to MX and CA fruit has happened with most stores stocking ample supplies of both green and red seedless varieties from these areas. Experts note that the green seedless market is steady, with excellent quality noted and volumes that are sufficient to meet demand. Reports also indicate that the red seedless market out of MX is going strong, with a shift occurring from the Sonora region to the Caboraca region. Out of CA, red seedless are primarily coming out of the Coachella region, and the Scarlet variety will take hold over the next week.

1024px-Red-PlumsPlums – the first of the stone fruits has hit the shelves. While sizing remains small, some retailers seemed to be stocked with a good supply of fruit with quality that was generally good. Experts note hat better quantities and sizing of both plums and pluots will be coming to stores in the next few weeks, as harvest are going at full steam. Pricing is expected to remain on the lower end due to smaller fruit size and an increase in volume, which is juxtaposed to a light demand. Demand of plums and other stone fruits is expected to pick up as we move into the summer months.

So, there’s what’s in the stores for June! Remember, you can always contact our sales team  if you would like to discuss any changes to buying patterns, introduction of new crops, and how we can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity.

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