This week’s visit out to the local stores indicated that some seasonal shifts are on the way for many products, but especially for hot house produce, melons, and mangoes. There was also an interesting lack of seasonal shift with regards to avocados. A much-welcomed high pressure system is building out of the west, which is moderating temperatures and hinting to many areas that Spring may finally be here. On the trucking side, experts note that California trucks continue to be steady and should remain that way into April. All weather in the Pacific Northwest is fine now, with Wyoming being the only area causing any issues for drivers. Here’s some details on the top 4 commodity updates:


Hot House Produce:

  • Cucumbers: There is a significant shift in our local market to Canadian product, with all retailers stocking from that origin. Product has great availability, sizing and pricing. Experts note that in general, there is a lighter supply from Mexico but that colour, quality, and condition from that region are still excellent. On a national scale, supply should improve next week; some product from Europe helping to supplement the smaller supply from Mexico.
  • Tomatoes: Locally, there was an even mix of product from both the local and Mexican markets. Mexican supply is noted as still being steady, with significant volumes continuing to cross from both Nogales, AZ and McAllen, TX. Experts also note that quality continues to vary with increased pricing for better quality fruit. We expect to see a continuing trend to retailers favoring local hot house tomatoes in the coming months.
  • Bell Peppers: We are seeing the same thing here as with tomatoes, a mix of both local greenhouse and Mexican product. Quality on red, yellow and orange looks great. Green bell peppers are lower on quality grade, and experts also note that the supply has decreased for green. Reports state that prices for all types of peppers is expected to raise as supply is not being able to meet market demand.


Melon Activity:

  • Cantaloupes & Honeydew: For the most part, we are seeing a shift from imports from South America to product from Mexico. There seems to be a gap in the market, with availability at most retailers scarce. Experts note that this light supply should continue for the next few weeks. Quality for both varieties is excellent with only minimal issues. Reports also note that the weather has been ideal for growing in all regions in Mexico, with this trend continuing into Summer.
  • Watermelon: All retailers are now stocking supplies of Mexican watermelon, mostly of the personal variety, and supplies are small for some retailers. Others have started promotions with full bins visible on the produce floor. Reports are coming in that the Sonora spring crop has started and volume will grow by the start of April.



Product from Peru and Brazil seems to be wrapping up, with many retailers now having availability of Mexican mangos in good supply.  The quality looks great for many varieties. Crossings are coming through Nogales, AZ and Pharr, TX with adequate supplies. Supplies should continue to increase in the coming months to meet the trend of increasing demand.



At the local level, we have not seen any California product yet. This is in line with our last report that noted that this years California avocado crop is expected to come in at half volume compared to last year. All product is originating from Mexico, with good supplies off both loose and bagged packing types. Experts note that California has just started to see useable volume, which may not make it up to the Pacific Northwest. This all depends on what shippers’ commitments are for the smaller supply available. Reports indicate that the supply will continue to build as we move into April, with close to 10 million pounds per week in harvest. Mexico’s supply remains stable, with past weeks showing great volume and expectation of 30 million pounds per week available into April. Overall, there is far less fruit than the industry is demanding, which will be a real issue as we move closer to Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Thus, prices will remain high.

So, that’s the top 4 commodity updates that we have for March. Remember, you can always contact our sales team  to discuss any of these noted changes to buying patterns, expectations and demand for new crops. We can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity! We’ll be back with another report at the end of April!

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